Mahoney was the final hall converted to a Residential College in 1988. When the original building was completed in 1958, Mahoney was an all-men’s residence hall. It was dedicated to Daniel J. Mahoney, the late publisher of The Miami News and Chairman of the Board of Trustees for several years. Early in the 1970’s, it was changed to a co-ed facility and connected with its mirror image: Pearson Residential College.

Mahoney is located at the northeast end of campus on the corner of Ponce de Leon Boulevard and Stanford Drive. This residential college is located five minutes walking distance from the University Center, Merrick and Memorial buildings, and The Learning Center. The MetroRail station is only 10 minutes away. Mahoney students dine with Pearson students in the cafeteria just west of the college.

Mahoney College is set up in a suite arrangement consisting of two rooms connected by a bathroom. Each floor includes single rooms and double room suites. There are approximately 750 students and staff residing in Mahoney. The group study room, reception desk, vending machines, classrooms, student mailboxes, computer lab, and the Master’s apartments are located on the first floor. Laundry facilities are located on floors 2 and 3, lounges on floors 4 and 5, and kitchens on floors 6 and 7.