Below is the amount of funds you will need at the University of Miami excluding expenses for dependents and living expenses and tuition for the summer. Graduate calculations are based on 9 credit hours per academic semester.

Students are responsible for their tuition and fees upon Registration. Tuition charges are assessed based on the number of credits for which the student is enrolled. Undergraduate, graduate, law day, law evening, and medical students have different rates. Other special programs have special rates. For rates of special programs, see the announcements that are published concerning these components of the University's academic program.

2016 - 2017  *Rates are subject to change..
Undergraduate Graduate
Law Rosenstiel Graduate
Medical Medical Graduate


Funding for United States Study 2016
The Institute of International Education’s (IIE) Funding for United States Study is a guide for international students and professionals.  The guide contains comprehensive listings for

  • Undergraduate, Graduate, and Postgraduate Opportunities
  • Fellowships, Grants, Scholarships, Financial Aid, and More

With over 800 grant and scholarship listings, Funding for United States Study is the most comprehensive directory on finding funding for study in the United States, making it an invaluable resource for advisers and international students worldwide.

In order to search by region, area of study, location in the United States, and name of program, visit Funding for US Study Online:   Funding for US Study Online is an extensive database of scholarships, fellowships and grants organized and maintained by IIE.  It includes all types of funding programs, for all levels of post-secondary study, across the full range of academic areas.