Please consult the following link for information about what you should bring to the University of Miami:
Department of Housing & Residential Life - Things to Bring

Keep in mind that you can buy ­all of these items once you have arrived to campus. In almost all cases, the voltage of your electrical devices will be different than what is used in the US.

Electrical Equipment

Check the voltage requirements on your laptop power brick. The US electricity supply is 120 V and 60 Hz. Be sure that your laptop power brick is an AC adapter as the power outlets in the US use AC current but laptops typically run on DC voltage.  For additional information please see:


During the fall orientation, vendors will be available on campus for nearly every student need. Sheets, blankets, and pillows are not provided in the Residence Halls. There is a Metrorail station right next to campus and you can take the metro south to Dadeland Station where you will find a Bed Bath & Beyond as well as a Target which are both good options for home goods.  You will be able to get a cell phone at Dadeland Mall.  The four major carriers in the US are AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint.  You do not need a social security number to purchase a cell phone.

Units of Measurement

As you may know, the United States uses a form of measurement known as the US customary system of measurement (sometimes categorized as the “imperial” system). It may be prudent to have an understanding of our unique and antiquated form of measurement before coming here:

Climate and Dress

Miami's climate is warm year-round. The coldest month averages 68ºF and the warmest month averages 93ºF. However, there are a few "winter" days where temperatures drop to 40ºF at night and many summer days with temperatures in the high 90's ºF. The climate is quite humid, especially in the summer, and there are occasional heavy rains. Campus dress is casual and informal for both men and women.

Weather Info
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