Prospective international scholars are defined as foreign nationals who are interested in coming to the University of Miami as participants in the J-1 Exchange Visitor Program to engage in nonclinical research, teaching or long-term observation at a University of Miami department under the supervision of a University of Miami professor.

The University of Miami (UM) is the sponsor of the Exchange Visitor Program P-1-00212, which is administered by the Department of International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS). Through the University's J-1 Exchange Visitor Program, academic departments can bring qualified participants to UM departments to engage in nonclinical research, teaching, consultation and long-term observation under the supervision of a UM faculty member. The University is authorized to sponsor exchange visitors in five categories: professor, research scholar, short-term scholar, specialist and student. Students will not be discussed here. The other four categories are those that the University refers to as "international scholars."

If you are a foreign national and interested in participating in the University of Miami's Exchange Visitor Program, please contact the department you wish to join to inquire if the department has any interest in hosting you as an international scholar and how you may apply to become an international scholar. It is up to each individual department to decide whether to invite any person to participate in the Exchange Visitor Program and to inform prospective exchange visitors on the appropriate steps to take in order to become an international scholar.

The following is a list of University of Miami departments and contact information for these departments.
This list includes departments that have hosted international scholars in the past. If you are interested in a department but do not see it on this list, please e-mail International Student and Scholar Services and indicate which department you wish to contact regarding participation in the Exchange Visitor Program. We will forward your inquiry to the appropriate department for a direct response to you.

University of Miami Department Dept. Contact E-Mail Address
Accounting Willie Risby Hannah
Anesthesiology Andrea Bent
Architecture Chanelle Costa
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Irma Riccio
Biology Aliana Valenzuela
Biomedical Engineering Angie Del-Llano
Business Administration Vanessa Gonzalez
Cell Biology and Anatomy Marcela Ward
Chemistry Lydia Gonzalez
Civil, Architectural & Environmental Engineering Ruth Saravia
Computer Science Julieta Garcia
Dermatology & Cutaneous Surgery Jenny Lopez
Diabetes Research Institute Sabrina Boulazreg
Economics Penny Gibson
Electrical and Computer Engineering Vanessa Faz
Family Medicine & Community Health Radmila Wright
Finance Michelle Mederos
Foreign Languages & Literatures Monica Metcalf
Gordon Center for Research in Medical Education Toni Stone
Health Informatics Irma Riccio
Hematology/Oncology Elia Nogues Elia Nogues
Human Genetics Irma Riccio
Hussman Institute for Human Genomics Irma Riccio
Industrial Engineering Augusto Roca
International  Medical Affairs Institute Olivia Cata
International Studies Robert Wright
Latin American Studies Joselyn Garcia
Law Carolina Morris
Marine Geology & Geophysics Cheryl Braxton
Mathematics Dania Puerto
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering Marisol Pernas
Meteorology & Physical Oceanography Sandrine Apelbaum
Medicine Elia Nogues
Miami Project to Cure Paralysis Marcela Ward
Microbiology & Immunology Irma Riccio
Molecular & Cellular Pharmacology Irma Riccio
Neurological Surgery Amy Choy
Neurology Amie Choy
Obstetrics & Gynecology Toni Stone
Ophthalmology Eva Norton
Orthopedics Amy Choy
Otolaryngology Myrna Miqueli
Pathology Andrea Bent
Philosophy Alexander Puente
Physical Therapy Amy Choy
Physics Judy Mallery
Physiology & Biophysics Irma Riccio
Public Health Sciences Irma Riccio
Psychiatry& Behavioral Sciences Myrna Miqueli
Psychology Josefina Dauval
Radiation Oncology     Irma Riccio
Radiology Amie Choy
Stem Cell Institute Irma Riccio
Surgery Evelyn Gotera
Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center Desiree Uptgrow
Urology Myrna Miqueli