International Student Orientation (ISO)
International Student Orientation is a pre-orientation program for new University of Miami international freshmen and transfer students, which complements the University's new student orientation program by providing new international students with information that will assist in their transition to living and studying in the U.S. Participants are provided with the opportunity to meet returning students and administrators who will discuss immigration rules international students must follow to stay in the U.S., academic expectations in the U.S., local community resources, life and customs in the U.S., and available health care, emergency assistance, and insurance coverage. New international students will also have an opportunity to meet and get acquainted with new peers. ISO is held at the University of Miami Coral Gables campus in August and January.

UM Thanksgiving Day Matchup Program
Thanksgiving illustrationThanksgiving is a traditional American Holiday celebrated each year on the fourth Thursday of November. The UM Thanksgiving Day Matchup Program provides international students attending UM an opportunity to spend the Thanksgiving holiday with a UM faculty member or staff. The Thanksgiving Day Matchup Program is a wonderful occasion for you to experience first-hand a traditional American holiday and enjoy a traditional holiday meal. Participating host families will have an opportunity to share how the holiday is celebrated in their family and to learn about another culture. Most families are interested in inviting two or more UM international students to join their Thanksgiving celebration. We understand that you may feel most comfortable when you can bring a fellow international student. If you are here by yourself, include the name of one other UM international student you would like to bring on your visit and attach their application to your application. International students interested in participating in this program should complete the Student Application. Host families should complete the Host Family Application.
Note: This is a one-day event, and host families are NOT expected to provide overnight accommodations for students.