Applicants must be graduate students in good academic standing and must have paid the activity fee for all enrolled semesters; current and previous. No individual will be funded more than once during the same academic year.

Applicants must provide documents showing their effort to gain funding from other sources before approaching GAFAC with a funding request. Do not request funds in excess of the stated funding caps.

Please be sure to indicate the category of funding under which you are requesting funding. Check the GAFAC by-laws if you have any doubt about the category of funding prior to submitting your application. By-laws are available on the website

  1. All requests must be submitted online. The online application can be found on the website by clicking the online application form link.
  2. Each applicant will have the opportunity to make an oral presentation regarding their application.
  3. You will be notified by e-mail the result of your request within five to seven business days following your presentation.
  4. When applying for funding for presentation of papers, copies of the abstract (or paper) and a copy of the confirmation of acceptance from the sponsoring agency are required. Only one author for a paper will be funded for any specific conference (when there is more than one author on a paper).
  5. All relevant available material related to the application (all estimated costs, abstracts, funding applications, etc.) must be submitted at the same time as the application. You can upload these files with the online application.
  6. GAFAC will not provide funding retroactively. Any application for funding must be submitted prior to the scheduled date of the event. GAFAC will consider applications at the earliest possible time.
  7. Summer applications will be considered both before and after the event however the application must still be submitted prior to the event. The year that the application is considered counts for that year.
  8. All relevant materials must accompany all requests for GAFAC funding.
Evaluation criteria
  1. How the application provides an immediate either direct or indirect benefit to the University.
  2. Whether the applicant has documented a reasonable effort to obtain funding from other sources.
  3. There are sufficient funds available.
Guidelines upon receipt of funding
  1. That you conduct a lecture or seminar (when appropriate) for graduate students on a topic of relevance to your project.
  2. That you collect and make relevant materials readily available to other graduate students through your department.
  3. That all equipment purchased with GAFAC funds must be clearly marked "PAID FOR WITH GAFAC FUNDS."
  4. That you must submit receipts within 30 days following the funded event or program or funding will revert back to GAFAC.
Group Application
Students working together on a single project may apply for funding as a group. The application must include a Group Application Agreement which lists the student’s names and their role in the project.

Funding is limited to $375 per student. Students who are part of a group application forfeit their right to apply for individual funding during the academic year.

Group Application Agreement [xls]

Registered Graduate Student Organizations
Graduate student organizations can apply for funding twice during an academic year, based on funding limits listed in Graduate Student Organization Guidelines.