In 1986, Eaton was the third hall converted to a residential college. It is the oldest residence hall on campus. When Eaton was opened and dedicated in 1954, it was quoted as being an “ultra-ultra dorm” by The Miami Herald. Early in UM history, Eaton was an all-women hall and remained so until the beginning of the 1970s. This residential college was named after Julian S. Eaton, an alumnus of the Law School and Chairman of the Board of Trustees in 1951.

Eaton is located directly on the eastern side of Lake Osceola. The Eaton College rooms are set up in a suite arrangement with two double rooms connected by a bathroom. Each floor includes single and double rooms. Which have data and phone jacks for each student. There are also study lounges and laundry rooms on each floor. Approximately 400 students and staff call Eaton home. The Masters and the Area Director live on the first floor along with the classrooms, computer lab, vending machines, student mail boxes,and the reception desk.