Available Services:
  Crisis Intervention
Psychiatric Consultation
Academic Counseling

Personal Counseling
  • Short term counseling is offered for concerns like depression, anxiety, eating problems, shyness, anger control, stress, identity formation, breakups, and roommate conflicts, to name just a few. We usually adhere to a brief therapy model which typically allows for appointments every two to three weeks. If more intensive treatment is required, we can assist with finding an off campus provider.
  • Substance abuse and other addiction counseling is also offered at the Counseling Center. We have a part-time addictions counselor available by appointment only.
  • There is no charge for personal counseling for full-time students or part-time students who have paid the Health and Counseling Center fee.
  • Counseling is ordinarily confidential.
Crisis Intervention
  • A student experiencing a genuine psychological emergency can usually be seen on the same day during office hours. The student should come to the Counseling Center to request an immediate appointment.
  • Counselors can be reached through the University of Miami Police Department (305-284-6666) or Residence Coordinators (305-284-4505) for evening and weekend emergencies.
  • Call the Sexual Assault Resource Team (305-798-6666) during the academic year to speak to a volunteer Advocate.
Group Therapy
  • Groups are the treatment of choice for many issues.
  • Talking to other students who have had similar experiences provides support and perspective.
  • Groups may be requested by students or recommended by counselors.
  • To sign up for a group, you must arrange to speak to the group leader by calling 305.284.5511.
Current Groups
  • Drop-In Mindfulness Meditation Group
    Wednesdays (see times below), Start Date - 10/1/2014
    * Important to arrive on time.
    Take advantage of the opportunity to learn mindfulness meditation (a great way to reduce stress) and support your ongoing mindfulness practice by meeting with a group.
    Meetings are divided into three sections. An introduction and explanation - for students who have never tried it, are just curious, or want a refresher.(from 4:05pm - 4:15pm)
    A time to formally practice mindful meditation. – for students who went to at least one introduction session or already have an ongoing practice. (from 4:15pm - 4:35pm)
    A time for post-practice sharing and discussion. (from 4:35pm - 4:50pm)
    For more information or questions contact Tammy Sifre, Ph.D. at 305 284-5511.
  • Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual or Questioning Therapy Group
    Fridays 10:00am - 11:00am
    This group is a formal therapy group for individuals that need a highly confidential, safe place to talk about concerns related to their sexual orientation. Once the group reaches between 6-7 people it is closed for the semester. This therapy experience offers students a rich environment to explore their thoughts and feelings. Members are asked to make a strong commitment to attend group weekly. For more information contact Kirt McClellan, LCSW at 305-284-5511.
  • Graduate Student Support Group
    Thursdays at 4:00pm
    This group provides graduate students the opportunity to discuss issues in a supportive atmosphere relevant to the challenges of being a graduate student. While sessions are unscripted, discussion raised by participants can include issues associated with adjusting to life in Miami, social alienation, academic concerns, procrastination, relationship issues and frustrations related to the completion of theses/dissertations. Contact Ed Rappaport, PhD for more information.
  • General Process Group - Understanding Self and Others
    The aim of this group is to increase self-awareness and help students make connections with others. The group is unstructure and can help with self-esteem and relationship issues as well as a variety of other issues. For more information contact Laura Scarpone, M.Psy. at 305-284-5511
  • International Student Group
    Thursdays at 3:00pm
    The International Student Group is a “Drop-in Group ” and is open to anyone who wants to attend, whether or not they are clients at the Counseling Center. Participants can join the group by coming to the Counseling Center any Thursday at 3:00pm and do not have to commit to weekly attendance. This is an informal group designed to provide an identified place where international students can share their experiences and support each other. The topics will be guided by those in attendance and the issues they wish to discuss. We will also discuss topics such as American Culture, Coping with Homesickness and Loneliness, America’s Educational System, Coping with the Holidays, Time and Stress Management, and Cross-Cultural Relationships. For more information, please contact Patricia Arena at 305-284-5511.
  • Sisters in Sharing
    Wednesdays from 1-2pm
    A drop-in support group for women of color. This group is open to anyone who wants to attend, whether or not they are clients at the Counseling Center. Topics to explore include issues of race, culture, discrimination, gender, relationships, family, sexuality, and academic challenges. Group facilitators will provide a safe space for women of color to share and connect. For more information, please contact Kisha Bazelais, Ph.D. or Haana Ali, Psy.D. at 305-284-5511.
  • Social Anxiety Group
    Wednesdays from 11:00am - 12:00pm, Start Date - 10/15/2014
    Do you find yourself feeling anxious in social situations? Are you not sure of the right thing to say when you interact with your peers? Are you having trouble making friends and feel like you are just not "getting" what others seem to on a social level? This group aims to assist students in managing their own anxiety and in learning ways to connect with others and gain Blake Allan, M.S. or Audrey Cleary, Ph.D. at 305-284-5511.
  • Support Group for GLBT Students
    SpectrUM is the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender and Ally group on campus. Every two weeks, they hold a support group meeting for those who are struggling with their sexual orientation or identity and who might not yet feel comfortable attending large group meetings yet. Please contact glbc.studorg@miami.edu for more information.
  • General Anxiety Group - Supporting the Anxious Mind
    Mondays from 4:00pm - 5:15pm, Starting 10/6/2014
    This is a general group for all types of anxiety. Since anxiety can make you feel alone and stuck in your head with your own worries, you are invited to come to receive and give support as you learn some helpful approaches for reducing anxiety. Specific strategies covered (e.g., cognitive, mindfulness-based, and/or relaxation skills) will depend on the interest of group members. For more information please contact Tammy Sifre, Ph.D. at 305-284-5511
Forming Groups
  • Veterans' Support Group
    Time: To Be Announced
    Are you a military veteran? If so, would you be interested in joining a confidential support group? Contact the Counseling Center.
  • Transgender Group
    Time: To Be Announced
    This group is for individuals who are questioning if they are transgendered or have decided they are transgendered. All topics related to being a transgendered person are open for discussion. Members are asked to abide by strict confidentiality and make a commitment to attend the group weekly. For more information contact Kirt McClellan, LCSW.
Psychiatric Consultation
  • The University of Miami Counseling Center is not a psychiatric medication clinic, so students wanting only psychiatric medication will be better served by going off campus. We will be happy to provide referrals. You can come for an appointment or phone our social worker, at 305-284-5511 for psychiatric referrals in the community.
  • This service is available exclusively to students who obtain regular counseling at the UMCC.
  • Our psychiatrists provide evaluations and treatment for students.
  • Access is only by referral from a staff psychologist or counselor.
  • There is a fee charged when psychiatric appointments are made, and must be paid by cash, check or credit card at the time of the appointment.
  • It may be advantageous to have the UM student health insurance in paying certain fees for psychiatric consultation at the Counseling Center.
  • Psychiatrists are only here part-time so it is very important to keep appointments.
  • Psychiatrists are only available on class days during the Fall and Spring semesters.
  • Information from previous doctors about psychiatric medication is welcomed and should be mailed to the Counseling Center (Contact Information)
  • Our psychiatrists work cooperatively with the Student Health Center.
  • The Counseling Center psychiatrists do not prescribe controlled substances including stimulants like Adderall, Ritalin, or Concerta for ADHD.
  • For referrals to psychiatrists through the University of Miami Student Health Insurance , go to www.myuhc.com .
Current Psychiatric Consultants: Ciomara Lynn Hernandez, M.D., Arunditi Xantus, M.D. and Rachel Neuhut, M.D.
Consultation and Outreach
  • We are happy to present programs about psychological adjustment or emotional disorders to campus groups. Please contact our office at least two weeks in advance to request a specific program.
  • Outreach Request Form
Academic Counseling
  • Counselors can help students with academic issues like test anxiety, public speaking anxiety, and time management problems.
  • Watch for special workshops on Stress Management , Test Anxiety and other ideas for academic success.