Conferral of Doctoral Degrees

The doctoral candidates will have their degrees conferred prior to the rest of the degrees in the ceremony.  Dissertation advisors to doctoral candidates will sit with their respective candidates. During the ceremony, the provost will introduce the dean of the Graduate School, who will present the candidates to the president. The dean will ask all candidates to rise for the conferral of their degrees. Following conferral, the dean will ask the graduates, along with their respective advisors, to come forward to the stage.

Graduates will proceed to the stage, where they will be hooded by pre-selected faculty hooders. The advisors will stand beside their candidate as he or she is hooded.

CANDIDATES: After the graduate is hooded, the graduate will be congratulated by the president and then the dean then exit the stage for a photograph with their advisor at the rear of the student seating area then return to their seats.

ADVISORS: After the graduate is hooded, the advisor will immediately exit the stage using the stairs ahead and meet their candidate at the rear of the student seating area for a photograph then return to sit with their graduate.