The ’Canes Care for ’Canes online report allows students to report concerns that they have about their fellow ’Canes while remaining anonymous if they choose.  If you are aware that a fellow ’Cane is experiencing challenges or difficulties that concern you, please report them on this site.  The entire Canes community will benefit. 

The reports are reviewed by designated University administrators who will reach out and respond to the student of concern by the next business day.  It is our goal to intervene before the student reaches a crisis level.  If you are a UM faculty, staff or employee you must provide your contact information.

Anyone providing false information may be subject to University disciplinary action. 

STOP:  If this is an emergency or there is an immediate threat of harm to a student or the community contact University Police at 305-284-6666 or 911. DO NOT USE THIS SYSTEM!  Submitted reports are responded to by the next business day.

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‘Canes Care For ‘Canes
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