Is your son or daughter interested in joining a Greek organization? Do you have questions about Greek Life at the University of Miami? Please read below for our Frequently Asked Questions. We also encourage you to thoroughly review our website for the most up-to-date information. However, if you have questions that are not addressed, please do not hesitate to call the Dean of Students Office at (305) 284-5353. The Dean of Students Office is located at the Whitten University Center, Suite 2250.

Why should my son or daughter join a fraternity or sorority?
Brotherhood and sisterhood is a unique benefit of Greek Life. Members of a fraternity or sorority will be your child's best friends throughout their college career and beyond. In addition, the tenets of fraternity and sorority life include scholarship, leadership, social development, community service, time management, participation in the university's activities, and an opportunity for involvement after college as fraternity and sorority membership is lifelong.
Will Greek Life interfere with my son or daughter's academic life?
One of the primary purposes of Greek Life is to enhance scholastic achievements. At the University of Miami , our fraternity and sorority averages are both above the all men's and all women's campus averages. Fraternities and sororities have inter/national requirements for academics including programs and study sessions. The Greek community holds programs to promote, recognize, and enhance scholastics.
What is the University's policy on hazing?
The University does not allow hazing of any kind. Please click here for the University's Hazing Policy. If a hazing incident is reported, the fraternity or sorority will face action from their respective Council's Judicial Board.
What is the expense associated with Greek Life?
Fraternities and sororities charge their members dues. These dues pay for all of their programs and materials as well as their obligations to the inter/national office. Each fraternity or sorority has a different cost, but dues range from $300-$1,000 a semester. While there is a financial obligation, chapters do create payment plans for members needing special consideration.
Is there Greek housing?
On UM's campus, there are seven fraternity houses. The fraternity's with houses are Alpha Epsilon Pi, Alpha Sigma Phi, Lambda Chi Alpha, Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Chi, and Zeta Beta Tau. The eight Panhellenic Association sororities have suites in the Panhellenic Building for meetings. The remaining Interfraternity Council fraternities also have suites in the Panhellenic building. No one lives in the Panhellenic Building.