The Multiethnic Greek Council includes:

Fraternities: Sororities:
Delta Epsilon Psi Delta Epsilon Psi
Lambda Theta Phi Lambda Theta Phi
Sigma Lambda Gamma
Sigma Lambda Gamma
Delta Phi Omega Delta Phi Omega
Lambda Theta Alpha Lambda Theta Alpha

Purpose: "To bring forth our Latino-oriented culture along with others and establish our identities as a whole. To help eliminate both the fears and concerns resulting from negative stereotypes associated with our Latino culture and/or other cultures. To educate the University community as a whole, as well as the community at large regarding environmental, political, cultural, and social affairs which affect Latinos and all other ethnic groups. To establish mutual respect among all other organizations and ourselves."

The National Assoication of Fraternal Organizations Council consists of an executive board and two delegates from each chapter. Each chapter has one vote.

MGC Executive Board:
  • President: President Sapan Parikh –
  • Vice President: Neville Patel
  • Secretary: Nadia Mercado
  • Treasurer: Ishtpreet Singh