Below are a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) regarding the University's self-defense programs. If a specific question is not addressed on the R.A.D. Information Page, S.A.F.E. Information Page, or this page, please feel free to contact a progoram coordinator:
- Medical Campus: TBD
- Coral Gables Campus: John Gulla - Crime Prevention Specialist - (305) 284-1105 or

- What is the main difference between RAD and SAFE?
The RAD program is 9-12 hours whereas the SAFE program is only 1.5 to 2.5 hours. SAFE is considered an introductory program because the type and amount of material covered is basic and only a few actual physical techniques are taught.  The RAD program affords the time to explain in-depth risk awareness and risk reduction techniques, as well as an opportunity to learn and practice many more practical self-defense techniques.

- Is there a minimum or maximum age limit for the RAD/ SAFE courses?
The minimum age limit to sign up as an unaccompanied woman for both RAD and SAFE is 16 years old. However, the parent/ guardian of any student between 16 and 18 years old must complete a permission form/ liability waver in advance of the class (contact the UMPD Crime Prevention Office for the waver). Women 14 to 16 years old may participate in both RAD and SAFE, but only when a parent/ guardian is also registered for the same class and will accompany the minor for the entire duration of the program. It is important for the parents/ guardians of all minors interested in both courses to understand that material pertaining to sexual assault is presented in a direct and adult manner. No women under 14 years old may register for either program. There is no maximum age limit!

- When is the next RAD/ SAFE course?
Please visit the RAD Upcoming Classes Page and the SAFE Upcoming Classes Page; If no classes are confirmed on the schedule, check back soon as information is updated regularly. Or, join the self-defense email listserv to receive an email whenever a RAD or SAFE class is scheduled.

- What is the cost of a RAD/ SAFE course?
The RAD program cost is FREE for UM students, faculty and staff, and $30 for non-affiliated individuals (general public). The SAFE program costs are FREE for UM students, faculty and staff, and $15 for non-affiliated individuals (public). Also see the Self-Defense Program Payment Policies.

- Where are RAD/ SAFE classes held?
Classes are held on the University of Miami's Coral Gables and Medical Campuses. The exact locations are only disclosed to individuals who register through the UMPD website.

- Does the SAFE class involve any physical defense techniques?
Yes, the SAFE class is an hour of lecture and an hour of practical physical techniques.

- May I bring a friend to a RAD or SAFE class?
Absolutely. The RAD and SAFE classes are not only open to students, faculty and staff, but non-university affiliated individuals may attend as well. There is a slight price difference and priority registration is given to community members. A registration form must be submitted for every individual wishing to attend.

- I am a Basic RAD Graduate and heard that I can come back to a future RAD class for free?
Once you successfully complete all RAD course sessions (9-12 hours total), and your instructor has signed your student manual to verify your completion of the course, you are considered a Basic RAD Graduate. Basic RAD Graduates may return to future classes, free of charge, as part of the national RAD organization's Lifetime Return and Practice Policy. If you are a returning Basic RAD Graduate, it is not necessary for you to attend all Basic RAD sessions again. You may attend any or all the sessions that you would like to refresh on. It is, however, necessary for returning Basic RAD Graduates to notify the campus self-defense programs coordinator (listed above) of their intent to attend: note that you are a Basic RAD Graduate and which session(s) you want to return to! Space for returning Basic RAD Graduates is limited as required by the national RAD organization's student to instructor ratio policies. You MUST bring your student manual, with the instructor's signature within, to the session(s) you are returning to. No signed student manual, no entry, no exceptions.

- Can I request a special group RAD/ SAFE course for my organization?
Special group RAD and SAFE classes may be conducted on a limited basis as UMPD resources permit. To inquire, contact the campus self-defense programs coordinator (listed above). Special group classes are only offered to University departments or University recognized organizations/ clubs/ groups, and can only be conducted on the Coral Gables or Medical campus. At this time, department policy does not permit RAD and SAFE classes to be conducted off campus for non-university affiliated groups. Per student fees are the same.

- Do I need to pay in advance?
Yes. You must pay as part of the online registration process. Also see the Self-Defense Program Payment Policies page.