Safety Escort Service FAQ’s:
(305) 284-6666

What exactly is a “Safety Escort Service”?
A UM Police employee or security affiliate will make sure you are free to walk the campus safely.  One of these professionals will meet you and walk with or transport you safely to your destination.

Who escorts?
Only UM Police employees and security affiliates provide safety escorts.  Escort providers have a police radio and are in constant contact with University Police.

How do I request a safety escort?
Simple.  Call UM Police:

8-6666 from a Coral Gables campus phone.

(305) 284-6666 from a non-campus phone.

Use one of more than 100+ blue light phones located throughout campus.

Ask any Student Patrol Officers (SSPO), Police Officers or Uniformed Security Officers you see on campus.

Who can request a safety escort?

When are safety escorts available?
Safety escorts are available 24 hours per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Is there a charge for the safety escort?
Escorts are FREE, but you may be asked to present your Cane Card.

How far will a safety escort take me?
Generally, safety escorts only cover the campus, including the University Village and the Holiday Inn.  However, extenuating situations may be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.  Don’t confuse a safety escort with transportation.  We will, however, provide for your safety while transportation arrangements are made.  For example, you may be escorted to our station where you can wait safely for a ride to somewhere off campus.

How long does it take for an officer to respond once I call for a safety escort?
It depends on where you are calling from and what your current situation is.  If you are outside (by a blue light phone or on your cell phone), there will be an expedited response as we understand you may feel vulnerable out in the open.  If you are inside a University building, and you feel secure, the average response time is approximately ten minutes.  We suggest you plan ahead and call several minutes before you plan to leave to minimize your wait.

Is there a limit to the number of safety escort requests an individual can make?
ABSOLUTELY NOT!  Limiting safety escorts goes against our mission of providing and maintaining a safe and secure campus environment.  We encourage you to use escorts and never walk alone, especially after dark.