For Your Safety and Awareness

UMPD offers 101 and Group Programs for your security. For more information or to schedule a program, please call the UM Police Crime Prevention Office at 305.284.1105.

Community Policing is a direct expression of our mission statement. UMPD's goal is to consistently work towards providing and promoting a safe and healthy learning environment in addition to promoting acceptance of responsibility for one's actions.

Community Policing is a philosophy of policing in which officers work closely with the community in developing strategies and partnering with stakeholders to solve problems and proactively address conditions that give rise to public safety issues such as crime, social disorder and the fear of crime.
For a complete copy of our services and programs, including our speaking bureau information, Browse UMPD PDF.


Safety Escort Services
UM Police personnel will escort any community member from any location on campus to any other on campus, 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year.

Motorist Assistance
UMPD provides after hours support for the Parking and Transportation Department’s motorist assistance program (MAP). UMPD assists all motorists on the Coral Gable campus who may be stranded due to vehicle problems. Services include unlocking, jump starting, flat tire inflation and other minor problems.

Blue Light Phone System
More than 100 Blue Light Telephones are strategically located throughout the Coral Gables Campus. Blue phones can be used to directly contact UM Police during any emergencies or to request safety escort service.

Watch Order
UMPD provides additional patrol attention when requested. UMPD would rather prevent a crime; therefore, we encourage watch order requests for departments who may have an increase in crime or suspicious activity, employee separations, unsecure premises due to renovation/remodeling or have other situations in which increased patrol is needed. Once your request is processed we will schedule an officer(s) to conduct more frequent checks of the area during the watch order period. You can also process your Security Guard Requisition.

Security Survey Requisition
Your department can request a certified Crime Prevention Practitioner, who will conduct a security survey for any department head on campus that requests one. Contact John Gulla 305.284.1105.

VIP and Dignitary Protection
If your department or organization is hosting a celebrity or well known figure for an event on campus, you need may need to coordinate the visit with the police department. Police officials will evaluate the visit for risk analysis and threat assessment. Depending on the dignitary, the department may need to coordinate with other local, state and federal agencies.

For information contact Captain Clusman at 305-284-6666.

Police Services for Events
Many events, because of their size, nature and location, require the presence of additional police officers. Prior to having an event, especially if alcohol will be served or parking and traffic will be affected, call Captain Clusman at 305-284-6666.

Clery Crime Advisories
In the event of any serious crime, UMPD notifies students of what happened, where it happened, why it happened, and what can be done to prevent themselves from being victimized, by email and/or Crime Advisory report posted on the UMPD website. If there is an ongoing critical threat to the life safety of anyone on campus, ENN is activated during an emergency. ENN is the university's officials emergency notification system. For more information, reference Emergency Notification Network (ENN) below or access the Emergency Preparedness website at .The level of notification is determined by the level of threat to life safety.

Emergency Notification Network (ENN)
The University of Miami Emergency Notification Network (ENN) is the comprehensive communications solution that allows the University to quickly disseminate an urgent message through multiple communications mediums. If there is a condition which significantly threatens the health and safety of persons on campus or impacts normal campus operations, university officials will warn the campus community using one or more of the previously listed communication methods. Learn more about ENN and Emergency Preparedness.

UMPD Volunteer Partnerships
UMPD is an active partnership with the student leadership who runs the Canes Emergency Response Team (CERT) and the with the Butler Center for Volunteer Service. CERT is a student-composed and led emergency response team at the University of Miami. The CERT team is activated during large-scale disasters affecting the Miami Area, as well as a resource for the University of Miami Police Department during non-disaster times.


Pedestrian Safety Campaign “Stepping Out”
General advertising and programming that promotes the importance of pedestrian safety in a major urban area. UMPD conducts biweekly Pedestrian Safety Details. A pedestrian safety detail involves officers stopping both pedestrians and drivers and providing them with “stepping out” pamphlets, move over law information and citations if necessary.

Bicycle Lock & Registration Program
Free U-bicycle Locks and Registrations are provided to all bicycle owners by UMPD. To register your bicycle and receive your free bicycle lock, simply bring in your bicycle and your Cane Card to the UM Police ground floor of the Flipse Building . If your bicycle is ever lost, stolen or confiscated for non-compliance with the University bicycle policy, registration will aid UM Police in locating and returning your bicycle. Bike Rack Map.

Non-Secured Bicycle Locking Program
The Non-Secured Bicycle program is designed to secure unsecured bicycles or secured bicycles with an improper lock. The program objective is to have three primary outcomes:

(1) Eliminate the presence of unattended or unsecured bicycles making for fewer “easy targets” for thieves to steal.

(2) Community members will need to contact UMPD to have their bicycle unlocked which will encourage them to secure their bicycle properly in the future.

(3) If during the release process it is discovered that the community member has not been issued a free UMPD U-lock, UMPD will issue them one to make sure they now have the means to properly secure their bicycle.

Abandoned Bicycle Confiscation Program
UMPD enforces an abandoned bicylce confiscation policy, which essentially states that if you leave your bicycle locked on campus for several months without using it, UM Police will tag your bicycle with a notice. The notice says you have 20 days to contact UM Police, or your bicycle will be confiscated. If you do not claim it in 90 days, it becomes property of the University and in most cases donated to charity.

S.A.F.E. Program (Self-defense Awareness and Familiarization Exchange)
A 1 to 2 hour (WOMEN ONLY) self-defense class that focuses on awareness, risk reduction, and practical physical techniques. The program is taught by SAFE certified instructors several times throughout the semester. There is a nominal $5 per student fee associated with this program to cover the cost of copyrighted publications distributed. There is a lifetime return and practice policy.

R.A.D. Program (Rape Aggression Defense)
A 12 hour (WOMEN ONLY) self-defense class broken up over several days . RAD focuses on awareness, risk reduction and practical physical techniques. RAD certified instructors teach the program several times a semester. The $20 per student fee covers the cost of the printed course material. There is a lifetime return and practice policy.

Alcohol & Substance Abuse Awareness Program
A presentation based program that discusses alcohol use, abuse and general safety. Depending on the actual compound, substance abuse (drug and alcohol) may lead to health problems, social problems, unprotected sex, deaths, motor vehicle accidents, homicides, suicides, physical dependence or psychological addiction.