The University of Miami Police Department (UMPD) is a professional law enforcement agency, manned with State of Florida Certified Police Officers sworn and empowered through the City of Coral Gables.  UM Police Officers patrol campus, respond to emergency and non-emergency calls for service, enforce laws (including traffic), conduct criminal investigations, and carry out other law enforcement related activities.  Since its inception in 1926, the University of Miami has had a department dedicated to ensuring the safety of students, faculty and staff.  Below are some of the employment opportunities available within the department. 

Available positions are posted at   (Job category:  Public Safety & Security)

Police Officer (Full-time) sworn
A police officer has the primary responsibility to provide protective and law enforcement services on the university campus.  In addition the university police officer has responsibilities to provide special services to the university community consistent with the mission of the University and the Police Department.  This individual may serve as a uniformed patrol officer, detective, community police officer/’Canes Resource Officer, or directed patrol officer (as assigned). 

Applicants must be FDLE certified in order to apply.  Applicants without prior law enforcement experience must also have 54 college credits (or 3 years military service/law enforcement experience).  All applicants must be a U.S. citizen, and must pass a thorough background investigation. 

At present, the University of Miami Police Department does not have any police officer vacancies. Please visit the listed City of Coral Gables web site for police officer vacancies:  City of Coral Gables

For more information regarding the background process and benefits for Police Officer Employment (Full-time).

Police Dispatcher The Police Dispatcher Duties include receiving complaints by phone, providing travel instructions, directing citizens to campus areas, monitor radios and an alarm system, issue equipment, and coordinate joint activities between Coral Gables and UM Police.  This individual is responsible for dispatching to Police Officers, Parking officers, UMPD Security Officers and contract security guards. Applicants must possess high school diploma or equivalent, one year related work experience, knowledge of PC applications, clear voice diction, and superior communication skills.  Applicants must be eligible to work in the US, speak fluent English, and pass a thorough background investigation.  There are no positions available at this time.

Security Officer
The Security Officer is responsible for providing a safe and secure environment for students, staff, visitors and individuals conducting business on the Coral Gables campus.  The position reports to the Shift Commander and has the responsibility for controlling building access, property removal, and assists in prevention of damage due to fire, theft, or thoughtless acts of individual. 

Applicants must possess high school diploma or equivalent, two years related work experience (D-license/PSA certification/military/law enforcement experience preferred), knowledge of PC applications, CCTV systems/DVR operations/PTZ cameras, clear voice diction, and superior communication (verbal and written) skills.  All applicants must have clear voice diction and pass a thorough background investigation.

Applications are currently being accepted for the following student (only) positions with the University of Miami Police Department.  Please refer to the below links for further information and application instructions.

Student Patrol Application

All full-time employees are eligible for benefits.  Please refer to Benefits Administration at the University of Miami for a detailed explanation of benefits.  As a non-exempt employee, hourly salary is paid on a bi-weekly basis, consistent with University pay dates and subject to deductions required by law.