The Student Government Police Advisory Board (PAB) serves as the official liaison between the student body and the University of Miami Police Department (UMPD).  Accepting and aggregating comments, questions and concerns voiced by students, the Police Advisory Board assures the flow of community information to UMPD, in addition to assisting with the distribution of information from UMPD to community.  The Police Advisory Board continually works with UMPD on special projects and programs aimed at improving campus safety.  The group has regular bi-weekly meetings, some that are open to the community.   For more information contact:

Continuing Police Advisory Board Goals

  • Function as an official information, idea and communication conduit between the student body and UMPD.
  • Seek, collect, aggregate and share student safety related comments, questions and concerns with UMPD; share UMPD response feedback as necessary with the student body to assure two way communication.
  • Assist UMPD in general and specific safety and program information dissemination to the student body.
  • Propose and implement special projects and programs aimed at improving campus safety, information flow, communications and trust between UMPD and the student body as reviewed and approved by UMPD.
  • Work in conjunction with UMPD on collaborative projects and programs.
  • Conduct regular board meetings, some with a UMPD representative present.

Current PAB Board Members - 2011/2012 Academic Year

Christopher Carvajal (Chair)





Major PAB Accomplishments - 2011/2012 Academic Year




Current PAB Board Members - 2009/2010 Academic Year

Christopher Carvajal (Chair)

Trevor Fiorentino

Shelby Juarez

Stefanie Lauber

Jeffrey Zackery

Major PAB Accomplishments - 2009/2010 Academic Year

Parking Lot Identification Signage Idea



PAB Board Members - 2008/2009 Academic Year

Christopher Nielsen (Chair)

Christopher Carvajal

Ann Masterman

Takayama Saito

Jason Shein (in memory)

Major PAB Accomplishments - 2008/2009 Academic Year

Online Traffic Complaint Form

Stanford Gate Hours of Operation Modification
Blue Light Phone Demo Day

Late Night Running Survey


PAB Board Members - 2007/2008 Academic Year

Matthew Shpiner (Chair)

Joseph Dubery

Andrew Hirsh

Jonathan Meizoso

Christopher Nielsen

Major PAB Accomplishments - 2007/2008 Academic Year

Open Mic Legal Forum