College can be stressful. There is a lot going on and some people may become overwhelmed. The combination of study, personal and social problems, and family issues may become more than some people can handle. For some, the pressures of life or a serious trauma may lead to self-destructive thoughts of suicide.

UMPD personnel may not be able to make problems go away, but we can direct you to the help and services you need. The UM Police Department is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. UMPD can contact a counselor in response to a crisis involving a University of Miami student. These pages are intended to provide direction for people considering suicide or advice for people who know someone who may be considering suicide.

This page are steps in the right direction and are not a substitute for professional intervention or treatment.

If you or someone you know is considering suicide you should contact:

UM Police................. 305-284-6666   Hours 24x7
Counseling Center...... 305-284-5511   Hours M-F 8:30 AM to 5 PM
Employee Assistance Program  305-284-6604
Switchboard of Miami.. 305-358-HELP (A community based hotline)

Visit the Counseling Center’s Web Site by Clicking Here

The Counseling Center offers service to University of Miami students only.  University employees should contact the Employee Assistance Program.

The Switchboard of Miami is a community based hotline and is not affiliated with the University of Miami.


Helping a Suicidal Friend

Here is a brief list of things you can do to help someone you know who may be suicidal. 

1)     Take them seriously.

2)     Remember that suicidal behavior is a call for help.

3)     Act quickly to help, the sooner the better.

4)     Be a good listener.  Even if you don t have answers or advice, just listing can help.   Don’t judge or offer judgmental opinions.

5)     Specifically ask if the person is having thoughts of suicide.

6)     If the person has immediate intentions of committing suicide, do not leave him or her alone.

7)     Encourage the person to get help.  Be supportive of the decision to get help.

8)     Know that the person may be more embarrassed to admit their suicidal feelings. It may actually be more painful.


Visit to read more about helping a friend with suicidal thoughts and warning signs.

To read about handling a call from a suicidal person click here.


UM Police response to a suicidal person’s call varies depending upon the circumstances and condition of the person:

Working with Residential College staff to counsel the person,

Involving Counseling Center staff to counsel or intervene,

Assisting voluntary admission to a mental health care facility, or

Take custody of the person for involuntary intake at mental health care facility.