If You Are the Victim of a Crime
Call the police. For an emergency, dial 911
For a nonemergency, call the following numbers:
Coral Gables campus, 305-284-6666
Medical campus 305-243-6000 (6-6000 or *711 in-house)
Rosenstiel campus, 305-710-7991 or 305-734-3776

If you are assaulted and do not know your assailant, try to remember as much information about the person as possible (gender, race, hair color, mode of travel, tag number, etc.).

If you see a suspicious person, do not approach the person yourself. Report the type of suspicious activity and a general description of the suspects.

If your car is damaged, complete a police report to satisfy most insurance company requirements. UM Police will provide a copy of the report to you upon request. Medical campus security officers will assist you in contacting the appropriate police agency so that you can obtain a police report.

If you receive a bomb threat, call UM Police immediately, notify your supervisor and do not panic. Obtain as much specific information from the caller as possible, including: (1) the location of the bomb, (2) the time it is set to detonate, and (3) the type of bomb. Conduct a cursory search of your area to identify suspicious or unfamiliar packages or other items. Do not touch these items. Advise the police of the location of such items.  Evacuate the premises until the police indicate that it is safe to reenter the area.