The University of Miami Police Department encourages you to register your bike on campus. Registering discourages theft and aids in identification should your bike get stolen. The registration process is simple. Fill out the Bicycle Registration Form, make sure all the sections of the registration are complete. Bring the Bicycle form, your Cane Card, and your bicycle to the UM Police Dispatch Center located on the ground floor of the Flipse Building next to the Ponce De Leon Garage. Pick up your FREE U-style bicycle lock provided by the University of Miami Police Department. U-style locks are nine times more effective at preventing thefts.chiefbio'

HERE are a few theft prevention tips……
• When you secure your bicycle to a designated bike rack, be sure to secure the lock around a portion of the bicycle that can’t be easily removed (i.e the frame).
• Never leave your bicycle unattended or unsecured, even if it’s just for a minute.
• If you notice someone hanging around a bicycle rack, report this to the UM Police Department at 305-284-6666.

Non-Secured Bicycle Locking Program
The Non-Secured Bicycle Program is designed to secure unsecured bicycles or secured bicycles with an improper lock. The program has three intended outcomes:
(1) Eliminate the presence of unattended or unsecured bicycles around campus, making for fewer easy targets for thieves to steal.

(2) Community members will need to contact UM Police to have their bicycle unlocked, which will encourage them to secure their bicycle properly in the future.

(3) If during the release process it is discovered that the individual has not been issued a free UM Police U-bike lock, UM Police will issue one to make sure they have the means to properly secure their bicycle.

Abandoned Bicycle Confiscation Policy
UM Police enforces an abandoned bicycle confiscation policy, which states that if you leave your bicycle locked on campus for several months without using it, UM Police will tag your bicycle with a notice. The notice says you have 20 days to contact UM Police or your bicycle will be confiscated. If you do not claim it in 90 days, it becomes property of the University and in most cases donated to charity.

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