Michael White

Title/Position: Executive Director, Facilities Management


Michael White is the Executive Director of Facilities Management for the Coral Gables campus and has been with the University of Miami for the past 20 years.  He currently serves within Real Estate and Facilities.

Mike and his Facilities Management team oversee facilities maintenance operations, utilities management, energy conservation, and environmental services covering 127 buildings and approximately 5.7 million sq. ft. 

Mike’s team consists of 9 Facilities managers and approximately 75 skilled employees comprised of leads, licensed mechanics and general technicians.  Additionally, he oversees a 24-hour Facilities Customer Service Desk.

The Facilities Customer Service Desk serves as a single point of contact for the University community. Their primary goal is to provide quality customer service in a timely manner to resolve maintenance issues.  Facilities’ provides a wide array of services ranging from basic building structure and building components to air conditioning, electrical, plumbing and mechanical systems.
Furthermore, this department maintains the facilities condition reporting system, FAMIS, a tool that is instrumental in developing benchmarks, performance measures, and more importantly a clear representation to administration for capital requests to be used in future projects. 

He has an MBA from Tulane University.  He is married with 4 daughters and his interests include boating, traveling and motorcycles.

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Mike White

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