Message from Director

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” —Ben Franklin

The world is changing at a rate never before experienced in human history. In an attempt to become more efficient, systems are now being built with limitations, inter-dependencies and vulnerabilities.  Events like Hurricane Andrew, 9/11, Hurricane Katrina, and the Virginia Tech Shooting are unfortunate reminders that we can never be too prepared for a major emergency incident. The University of Miami established the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) in October 2010 to coordinate the University’s preparation for (the before), response to (the during), and recovery from (the after) any major emergency, no matter the cause. I am honored to be the University of Miami’s OEM director. 

Our primary responsibility is to coordinate the University’s emergency response and continuity planning.  Our goal is to make the University of Miami the most disaster resilient institution in the nation.  However to be successful we need everyone’s participation in the process.  We recommend you familiarize yourself with the resources on the University’s Emergency Preparedness website.  During human and natural disasters failure is not an option, therefore we appreciate your assistance.

For all members of the University community I strongly recommend that you visit Workday and add or update your emergency contact information. 

Thank you for preparing,

Matthew Shpiner

What We Do:
  • Maintain the University’s Disaster Preparation and Recovery Plan
  • Oversee multiple notification methods to facilitate emergency communications, such as the Emergency Notification Network and UM Recover
  • Ensure compliance with the National Incident Management System and other emergency management regulations
  • Participate in and conduct numerous exercises annually to empower participants, examine plans and equipment, and refine emergency decision making processes
  • Foster numerous important internal and external partnerships
  • Develop and implement outreach programs to promote emergency management awareness, confidence, and preparedness across the UM community


Learn more about OEM ‘s Vision, Mission, and Objectives.