Custodial services are provided by UGL-UNICCO Services Company, and overseen by the .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

These services are provided for classrooms, offices, rest rooms and public areas.  The items below are services rendered as part of our base services:

■ Clean white boards, erasers and chalk trays
■ Dust and clean vertical and horizontal surfaces, fixtures and frames
■ Organize furniture
■ Remove waste and recycling, replace liners
■ Spot clean walls
■ Sweep and spot mop floors
■ Vacuum and spot clean carpet

■ Remove waste one time per week
■ Remove recycling one time per week
■ Sweep, mop or vacuum floors

■ Check soap and paper supplies - restock as needed
■ Clean and sanitize fixtures
■ Remove graffiti
■ Remove waste and replace liners
■ Sweep and wet mop floors with germicidal disinfectant

Public Areas and Exteriors
■ Mop floors or vacuum/spot-clean carpet as needed
■ Clean entry area glass
■ Clean steps and remove debris from all entry ways
■ Remove graffiti and postings
■ Clean gum from all entryways and steps
■ Pick up debris
■ Clean ash urns

For specific information regarding schedules or custodial services in your area, please email our .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

For special or additional services such as cleaning or event support, please submit a service request through Facilities Customer Service or contact us at 305.284.8282.