Welcome to the Office of Medical Space Planning (OMSP).

The Office of Medical Space Planning is responsible for medical enterprise-wide space planning and strategy.  OMSP’s responsibilities include: the development and execution of space strategies, standards and metrics, the rationalization and optimization of space resources across the campus, developing and recommending space-driven solutions to medical administration for approval, and ensuring that the process of identifying space needs and solutions occur in a transparent and expeditious manner.

OMSP is a resource for all stakeholders of University owned and occupied space and serves as a liaison between Medical stakeholders and Medical administration in regards to space. The department is responsible for developing and implementing space utilization and productivity standards, developing and maintaining space policies and procedures, ensuring the accuracy of plans and records in the University’s space management system, participating in the University’s capital planning efforts, and ensuring design and construction projects comply with standards.

OMSP works hand-in-hand with the University’s Office of Space Management to ensure the accuracy of the University’s USpace space management system.  All departments will continue to report space inventory using USpace.  The Office of Space Management remains responsible for the management of the USpace database and reporting.


1) All requests for space must first be submitted to OMSP via one of the several contact methods listed below.  In all cases, a Space Request and Justification Form must be filled out and submitted with appropriate justification material provided.  If you need assistance in filling out the form, we are available to assist you.

2) The OMSP will contact you to discuss the request, to tour your existing space as appropriate, and will gather other relevant information as necessary.

3) Requests will be reviewed, assessed, and considered promptly and potential solutions will be studied and test-fits performed with input from your department and using approved space standards and metrics.  Facilities Design and Construction (FDC) will provide any additional planning or budgeting assistance as required.
(Please note that given the limited space resources, phased relocation’s and/or coordination with other departments may be required.)

4) A recommendation will be made to the Space Planning Committee for conceptual approval of the request and proposed best solution.

5) Once approved in concept, the request will be given to Facilities Design and Construction who will request funding for the move or project.  Space Planning will remain involved through schematic design to ensure your space needs are met and that standards are followed.

-SPACE STRATEGY: (Under development)
-SPACE STANDARDS AND METRICS:  (Under development)

Under Construction, please visit us on 12.10.2014, however if you need to reach us for Medical Space Planning Questions please contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)at 305.243.9399, otherwise please fill out the Medical Space Planning Request form and email form to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for Space Management’s review.