Do I need to register my bike?
Yes, it is mandatory that students, faculty, or staff cyclist register their bike. Simply bring your bicycle and Cane Card to the UM Police department located on the ground floor of the Flipse Building/Ponce Garage. UM Police is open 24 hours a day seven days a week. You will be asked to complete a UBike registration form, and you only need to register your, bike once. To encourage your participation in this program. UM Police will then provide you with a free U-bicycle lock.

Where can I park my bike on the Coral Gables campus?
The bike map indicates our current bike rack locations. We strongly discourage the use of ad hoc or makeshift locking arrangements such as railings, signs, or trees while on campus.

How do I park my bike?

Park and lock your bike back wheel first whenever possible.

Where are air pumps located?
Pavia and Ponce Garage on the first floor. They are easy to use and free of charge. Please secure hoses in a responsible fashion when you are finished. And if you discover that one of our our air pumps is not working properly, please report to our customer service center at 305.284.3051 or email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Can I take my bike on the Gables Campus Hurry ‘Cane Shuttle?
No, our Gables campus shuttles are not equipped for this activity.

What about the RSMAS Campus Shuttle?
Yes, it has a bike carrier, Please check the RSMAS shuttle schedule.

Can I take my bike on METROBUS and METRORAIL?
Yes, cyclists who ride Metrobus and Metromover don’t need a bike permit, however to bring your bike aboard Metrorail, you must have a Bike & Ride permit. Apply by mail and follow the instruction in the permit application brochure. Be prepared to show your bike permit if asked by a Metro Transit (MDT) official. For your safety bikes are not allowed on station escalators.
For more information we have provided a link to MDT BIKE & RIDE.

Do I need to wear a helmet?
We strongly recommend that you wear a helmet. Bike helmets are designed to protect you in the event of fall and collision.

What do I need to consider for safety when riding?
Wear a helmet.

What are some important bike safety tips:
- Inspect your bike
- Ride on the right side of the sidewalk and road
- Obey all traffic laws
- Look and signal before turning
- Ride with the flow of traffic -not against it
- Use a light when riding at night. Reflectors are not enough

What safety equipment is required if I ride at night?
Your bike is required to have a front white headlight and rear red reflector. Amber reflectors on each side are also recommended. Tail lights are required at speeds more than 35 mph.

Where should I position myself on the roadway?
Bicyclists should ride on the right side of the roadway, in single file, and in the same direction as traffic. Riding against traffic puts bicyclists where motorists don’t expect them.

How can I be more noticeable to other motorists?
Bicyclists are more easily seen when they wear bright-colored or reflective clothing. You can also increase your visibility by wearing lights that strap to your legs and move while you are peddling.

Are bicycles prohibited on sidewalks?
No, unless prohibited by local ordinance. While on sidewalks, you must always yield the right-of-way to pedestrians and give an audible signal before passing them. Ride on the right side of the sidewalk or road.

Is it safer to ride a bicycle on the sidewalk or on the road?
Avoid bicycling on sidewalks, especially in areas where motorists might not expect bicyclists or might have obstructed visibility. For example, a driver backing a car out of a driveway might not expect a bicyclist riding on the sidewalk.

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