A valet parking attendant is often the first point of personal contact for your UM events and as such requires our best efforts to leave the best possible “first impression”. Our goal is to offer a convenient, efficient and professional level of service for your patrons. Valet services are provided by a third party vendor, selected, supervised trained, and equipped by UM’s Department of Parking and Transportation.chiefbio'

Event Valet Services
The first step to helping us meet your event valet parking needs is to complete the on-line service request form.

Staffing Requirement Guidelines:
Staffing may vary depending on the size and location of the event and distance of the vehicle stacking area from the drop off/pick up points.  Our goal is to deliver the highest level of customer service by requiring sufficient valet staff to enable a vehicle retrieval rate of 4-6 minutes.

Staffing Requirement Number of Vehicles/ Valet Attendants
Sufficient Valet Staff to enable a vehicle retrieval rate of 4-6 minutes Up to 50 vehicles 3-4 valets and 1 greeter
51 to 200 vehicles 5-9 valets and 1-2 greeters
201 to 300 vehicles 10 - 15 valets and 2-4 greeters
301+ 16+ valets and 4+ greeters

Rates vary based on the estimated number of vehicles expected for the event.  Once your service request form is received, our special events planning coordinator will assist in determining the appropriate rate.  In most cases, through our consultation process, we will be able to establish a flat fee prior to your event. Your department or school will be responsible for reimbursing the Parking and Transportation Department for valet services provided.

Rates Number of Vehicles Estimated Cost
Sample of our rate structure: Up to 50 vehicles $500
50 to100 vehicles $1000
100 to 150 vehicles $1500
250 to 300 vehicles $3000

Valet Parking FAQs

Security Services:
You may request security for your event during your consultation with our Special Events Coordinator.