Welcome to the Parking & Transportation Event Services

In an organization as large and complex as the University of Miami, Parking and Transportation (P&T) is an integral part of planning events on our campus; all accommodations for event parking, food trucks, large deliveries, and/or construction equipment must be coordinated through P&T Event Services.

Our primary goal is to ensure that event planners have a successful event and that all visitors to campus have a pleasant experience. We help you achieve this by providing adequate access to parking areas, controlling access when needed, and arranging other event support services such as shuttles and valet.

The requirements for requesting event services are as follows:

1. You must complete the online “Service Request Form”; all fields with *are required. 
2. You MUST have a valid UM departmental account to be charged.
3. For events that require food trucks or other large vehicles or equipment, you MUST complete and submit an approved Coral Gables Campus Revocable Agreement for Use of University Facilities. Please contact Business Services at 305-284-5550 for assistance.
4. You must give a minimum notice of seven (7) business days when requesting event services; we cannot guarantee services that do not meet this minimum booking time.
5. Remember, UM is a smoke-free campus; please advise all guests and patrons of our policy.
6. For events that are longer than 7 days, please contact Event Services directly at 305-284-1641.
7. Please use parking.events@miami.edu for all email correspondence pertaining to events.

Note: Even for small groups, please contact the P&T event team to check the availability of parking and information on other events scheduled for the same day at 305-284-1641.

We offer the following Event Support Options:

Certain events require that an area of a lot or a certain number of spaces be held to be available for the event. In almost all cases reserving specific parking spaces requires an attendant to secure the area, regardless of the number of spaces. The cost for the lot attendant is additional. Spaces without an attendant cannot be guaranteed.

Shuttles are available for special event transportation. Prices vary depending on type/size of shuttle required, usage time and trip distance. You may book shuttle services directly through “Academy Bus Company” Sales Office at 305-688-7700 ext. 1.  For information on cost for Shuttles see
Shuttle Rates. All shuttle services arranged through the parking and transportation “Service Request Form” will incur a 10% administrative fee.

Your event may require staff resources to secure lots and spaces or to control traffic.  Our event team will assist in determining the right mix for your event.  Parking & Transportation reserves the right to determine the type of staff resources that best suit your event, based on variables such as traffic flow, construction issue, and/or other events taking place in the area.  We will consult with you during the process of arranging your services.  You must give at minimum, a 7 business-day notice in order to staff an event.

A valet parking attendant is often the first point of personal contact at any event.  Our goal is to offer a convenient, efficient and professional level of service that will create the best possible first impression for your patrons.  Valet services are provided by a third-party vendor that is selected, supervised, and equipped by UM’s Department of Parking and Transportation.

Rates vary based on the estimated number of vehicles expected for the event, Valet Rates.
Valet staffing depends on the size and location of the event, as well as the distance of the vehicle stacking area from the drop-off/pick-up points.  Our goal is to deliver the highest level of customer service by requiring sufficient valet staff to enable a vehicle retrieval rate of 4-6 minutes.

For information regarding Golf Car Rental contact “Broward Electric Car and Equipment at (954)-925-2400.
1) Drivers must possess a valid State of Florida C driver’s license
2) Drivers are to obey all traffic signals and signs
3) Drivers and passengers must use seat belts if provided

For issues related to shuttle rental, please contact Academy Bus Company dispatch at 305-769-6065
For issues related to the Valet Service, contact MAC Valet at 786-587-7176
For parking related issues, please contact UMPD dispatch at 305-284-6666