The information contained herein is intended to provide Faculty and Staff with basic parking and transportation information for the Coral Gables campus. For detailed information on the rules and regulations pertaining to parking on campus, please be sure to read a copy of the Parking Policies and Procedures. In order to avoid fines, towing, and possible disciplinary action, all vehicles on the Coral Gables campus must adhere to the policies as published in the Code. Familiarity with, and attention to, University of Miami’s Moving Vehicle Parking Code is the most effective way of avoiding a parking citation.

All vehicles on campus must be registered with our department and are required to display a current and valid parking permit. Eight colors identify parking lots on campus: Purple, Red, White, Pink,  Yellow, Gray and Green (Blue lots are for Resident students only).  Parking permits are printed with the appropriate color on the front and the corresponding color on the reverse side (facing the driver) for easy orientation on campus.  Park vehicles in designated spaces within lots where the entrance signage includes the color designator printed on your parking permit.

All Faculty and Staff must apply for a parking permit via the following link Apply for UM Parking Permit.  During the official annual sign-up process in July an e-mail will be sent to all with this link and the dates on which each group will be eligible to apply.  Once on, the system will advise you which zones you are eligible for and are available for application. Once mailed, the permit is valid and the responsibility of the applicant.

Participants in the University of Miami’s Public Transportation Benefit Program may not purchase a University of Miami parking permit.

Faculty and Staff with a UM parking citation balance greater than $40.00 are prohibited from purchasing a parking permit until balance is paid.  MasterCard and/or Visa credit card payment for fine (s) are accepted at the Parking & Transportation Services offices, telephone 305.284.3096, option 2.  Cash or check payment for fine(s) are acceptable at the University Cashiers in the Ashe Building.

We are committed to serving you.  If you have any questions, problems, or suggestions, please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), and we will do our best to accommodate your needs.

The Parking and Transportation Services Staff