What is Cane Express?
Cane Express is the debit card system at the University of Miami. It is similar to a check card in which money is deducted from an established balance. To establish your Cane Express account, call the Office of Student Accounts at 305-284-6430. The Cane Express is an optional service provided by the university, but it is not a bank account from which a student can withdraw cash.

How do I use my Cane Express account?
It is easy to use; your Cane Card serves as your debit card. The magnetic strip on the back of your Cane Card is coded to your student identification number. Each time you swipe the card through a reader, it debits the amount of the sale from your account. Cane Express can be used at vending machines, laundry facilities, the food court, the library and the university bookstore. Each time you use your Cane Express at a point of sale, your balance remaining will appear on the register.

How Do I deposit money into my Cane Express account?

There are three easy methods to depost money into your Cane Express account:

1. By Credit Card — Process Your Cane Express deposit online using a credit card by logging on to myUM with your CaneID and password; Choose “My Student Menu” and select “Cane Express Balance and Transactions.” Enter the amount to be deposited next to “Cane Card Deposit Amount” and click on the “Continue” button.

2. In Person at the Cashier’s Office — Students may open a UM Cane Card Express Account and make deposits to their Cane Card Express Account at the Cashier’s Office located in the Ashe building. A minimum deposit of $50 is required. The Cashier’s Office accepts checks, money orders and cash. Please note that the cashiers cannot accept credit cards.

3. Mail Your Check — Checks and money orders must be in U.S. dollars, drawn on a U.S. bank and must be made payable to the “University of Miami.” They must include the student’s identification number to ensure credit to the student’s account. Post-dated checks are not accepted. Note: mailed deposits take up to ten (10) days to clear the bank and appear in your account.

  University of Miami
  Cane Express Account
  P.O. Box 025551
  Miami, FL 33102-5551

Are there fees or other restrictions?
There is no fee or interest charged on your Cane Express account; however, it is not a bank account. It is intended for on-campus purchases, not cash withdrawals. You may close your account at any time to receive the balance. Note: it takes approximately two weeks for the university to cut a check for the balance. There is no instant money from the account