What kind of proof of identification is required in order to get a cane card?
Any form of government issued photo ID – such as a driver’s license, state issued identification card, or passport – is acceptable as proof of identification.

Can someone else pick up a cane card on my behalf?
No. For security measures, only the person to whom the ID is being issued may pick up the card, provided they have valid proof of identification.

What if I lose my Cane Card?
Students can deactivate their card online via Canelink. Employees can do the same via MyUM. Lost or stolen cards can also be reported to the ID office at 305-284-3096 during the week. Lost or stolen cards may also be reported to security 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 305-284-6666. The card will immediately be deactivated to prevent it from being used by unauthorized persons. If your card was lost or stolen, there is a non-refundable fee to purchase a new one. Damaged cards will be replaced for free upon presentation of the original card.

Do I have to pay the fee when I go to get the card?
For faculty, staff and students, the initial card is free of charge.  There is a fee for replacements and affiliate cards.

What forms of payment are accepted?
We currrently accept Mastercard, Visa, American Express and checks. We also accept IDR’s (Inderdepartmental requisitions).

If I need to get a picture taken, can I bring in a hard copy of a picture for you to scan?
We are no longer accepting hard copies of photos to scan. For security reasons, all pictures are taken at the time of producing the Cane Card.

Can I have more than one card at a time?
No. For security measures, no person may obtain or posses multiple cane cards simultaneously. In order to receive a new cane card, if one has previously been issued, patrons must return the original ID card to the Cane Card office. Patrons do not have the option of keeping the old card or claiming it as lost if it in fact is not.

I am a University employee, as well as a student; can I have both forms of ID?
No. For security measures, no person may obtain or posses multiple cane cards simultaneously. In addition, employment status supersedes student status and therefore you will only be issued an employee ID; however your employee card will work for both student and employee purposes. Also, if you were a former student who is now a University employee, you must turn in your student card in order to receive an employee ID.

I’m an employee on another UM campus, but I need access to some buildings on the Coral Gables campus. Do I get another ID?
Only one ID is issued per person. Your Cane Card from your campus is compatible with our system; any access you need will be given to you on your staff card.

I’m an employee, but I’m taking classes. Do I need to get a student ID?
Your employee ID overrides any other affiliation you may have with the University. Once you register for courses, you will be given access to any buildings necessary to attend your classes.

I am an employee and I used to have access to certain buildings, but my Cane Card stopped working and I no longer have access.  What do I do?
If you’ve had access to a building in the past and your card has stopped working there, there may be a problem with the magnetic strip on the card. Please contact your department liaison. 

If I am a student and I used to have access to certain buildings, but my Cane Card stopped working and I no longer have access.  What do I do?
E-mail canecard@miami.edu with concerns or questions regarding lost access.

I need access to a building that I’ve never had access to before. How do I get it?
The Cane Card office is not authorized to grant access into buildings. It is the responsibility of your department liaison to authorize and activate your access to the buildings you need. If you need access to a particular building or door, please notify your supervisor.

What is Cane Express?
Cane Express is the debit card system at the University of Miami. It is similar to a check card in which money is deducted from an established balance. To establish your Cane Express account all you need to do is deposit money into it. The Cane Express is an optional service provided by the University, but it is not a bank account from which a student can withdraw cash.

How Do I use my Cane Express account?
Cane Express is easy to use. Your Cane Card identification card serves as your debit card. The magnetic strip on the back of your Cane Card is coded to your student identification number. Each time you swipe the card through a reader, it debits the amount of the sale from your account. Cane Express can be used at vending machines and laundry facilities, the food court, the library and the university bookstore. Each time you use your Cane Express at a point of sale, your balance remaining will appear on the register. There are three ways to deposit money into your Cane Express Account.  Note: mailed deposits take up to ten (10) days to clear the bank and appear in your account.

Are there fees or other restrictions?
There is no fee or interest charged on your Cane Express account; however, it is not a bank account. It is intended for on-campus purchases, not cash withdrawals. You may close your account at any time to receive the balance.  Note: it takes approximately two weeks for the university to cut a check for the balance. There is no instant money from the account.

How do I obtain an ID card if I am at the Medical Campus?
If you require an ID from the Medical campus, please contact 305-284-6280.

Is my Cane ID considered personal property?
No. All University issued identification cards are the sole property of the University of Miami. The University of Miami reserves the right to, at any time, confiscate and revoke any privileges associated with the UM ID.

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