Why should I buy a UM parking permit?
A valid UM parking permit is the most cost efficient way to park long-term on the University of Miami Coral Gables Campus.  Parking Zone availability will be determined at the time of sale.

I will be freshman living on campus next year. Will I be able to purchase a permit?
No, the restriction for freshmen residing on campus has not changed.

Where can I park on campus?
If you are a parking permit holder, you may park your vehicle in designated spaces within lots where the entrance signage includes the color designator on the front and printed on the back of your parking permit. Permits are enforced Monday through Friday, 8:00a.m. to 4:00p.m. with the exception of Purple Lots enforced M-F, 8:00am to 6:00pm, and Blue (Resident) Lots, which are enforced around the clock.

University Village permit holders may park only in the Albenga and Scodella Garages during enforcement hours. 

Visitors please reference our Visitor Parking Details for more information.

Where can’t I park on Campus?
You may not park your vehicle in a reserved, service, loading or handicapped space without an appropriate decal.  You may not park on sidewalks, roadsides, on grassy areas or in “No Parking” zones.  Lack of convenient parking space never excuses illegal parking.

Why can I not drive down Memorial Drive?
Vehicular access to Memorial Drive has been restricted to the shuttle buses and genuine visitors to the University. Faculty, Staff and Students are not permitted to drive down Memorial Drive during the day. The primary reason for this is safety. This area has a very high volume of pedestrian traffic and there have been many vehicular/pedestrian accidents. Thankfully, most of these were minor, but the proactive step to increase safety was taken. The access gate will be opened for general access after 7pm on weekdays as well as at weekends (except during any special events when the gate will remain closed).

Where exactly are the different zones?
Click on this link 2016-17 campus parking map to see the various parking zones that are color-coded red, purple, yellow, gray, green, pink, white and blue. Please note that blue lots are resident student-only lots and the small orange shaded lots are faculty gated lots. 

Are there different prices for the different zones?
Yes.  The pricing for the 2016/17 academic year is as follows:
Purple, Red, White, Pink, Gray, Brown, Burgundy and Yellow: $511- Annual
Blue: $551- Annual
University Village: $256 - Annual
Green or Aqua (Students Only): $256- Annual
White, Pink, Gray or Yellow Fall only: $256
Blue Fall only: $277

How long before I know where I can park?
You will know what permit type you have received during the application process.

How will I know which lots my permit is valid for?
The color of your permit will correspond to the color-coded zones on the campus parking map, and there are signs at the entrance to every parking lot/garage that will clearly indicate the permit type that is valid for that lot as well as the enforcement days and time.

What if I don’t get my preferred zone?
If your preferred zone is sold out, you may choose from any of the available zones and opt to go on the waiting list for your preferred zone.

Can you explain how the waiting list will work?
Faculty, staff, and students can opt to go on the waiting list for any zone, and the application will be date/time stamped. Once a permit becomes available, it will be offered on a first-come, first-served basis based on when the applicant signed up for the wait list.

What if my parking needs change, will I be able to exchange my permit for a different zone?
Yes, as long as the zone that you want is available. For example, if you have a permit for the red zone and want to exchange it for a yellow zone permit, you may do so if yellow zone permits are available. If the zone that you want is not available, you can sign up for the waitlist.

What if all the spaces in my zone are occupied?
We do not anticipate this happening—and if it does, communication regarding overflow parking will be sent. Keep in mind that for special University events a certain zone or several spaces in a particular zone may be closed. On these occasions, ample notice will be given to affected parties and alternate parking locations will be provided.

How would I get to another section of campus not in my approved parking zone?
Once on campus and parked in your designated zone, you can get to other areas of campus via the on campus shuttles, or by biking or walking.
How do I get to class if I park in any of the perimeter lots? 
The Hurry ‘Cane Shuttle runs approximately every 8-10 minutes during fall and spring class days.  There are two shuttle routes. The Miller Circle route runs from University Village to the Miller Circle. The Stanford Circle route runs from the Ponce De Leon Garage to Stanford Circle. Both routes have convenient locations throughout campus, including the Metrorail station, Hecht Athletics, and the Frost School of Music.

How do I apply for a parking permit?
University faculty, staff, and students must apply for a parking permit via the “apply for permit link”.  During the official annual sign-up process listed below:
June 27: Faculty and Staff
June 29: Resident Students
July 11: Returning students
July 18: All new students
Once on, the system will advise you which zones you are eligible for and are available for application. If your first choice of zone is not available, please apply for your next choice and you may waitlist for your primary choice.  All permits for the University population will be mailed to the mailing address on record.  Visitors, vendors, contractors, and alumni must come to the Parking and Transportation Services office to apply in person. Parking permits will be available to these individuals starting July 25th, 2016.

Can I drive a different car to campus?
Yes, but you will need to do two things first:
1) register the alternative vehicle on your account. Log on to your parking account through the parking homepage and click on ‘Manage your vehicles’.
2) remember to switch your hang tag.

What happens if I sell my car?
Register the new car with the parking office. Remember to remove your permit from the old car, or you will be responsible for tickets received by the new owner. If you have a decal permit, you may obtain a replacement by bringing in proof that the old decal has been removed.

I am currently residing in the University Village Apartments. Will I be eligible to purchase a permit for one of these zones?
No, students residing in the UV apartments are only allowed to park in the UV garages Monday through Friday from 8 a.m.-4 p.m. and are not eligible to purchase a permit for one of these zones. This represents no change from our current procedures.

Am I allowed to park at a meter? 
No.  Meters are for visitors and guests only.

What about visitors who purchase the daily parking passes from the self serve machines? Where will they park?
These temporary passes will be valid in certain zones.  Allowed zone parking will be posted on the self serve machines, as well as on the parking pass.

Currently, parking is free after 4 p.m. and anyone can park in any lot after 4 p.m. (6pm in Purple lots) on weekdays and 24 hours on weekends (Blue is enforced 24/7). Will that change?
This policy will continue to be in effect at this time, however, this is subject to change. 

May I lend/give my permit to someone else? 
Permits are nontransferable, and you will be held responsible for all citations issued to your permit regardless of vehicle displayed on.

What if my permit is lost or stolen?
A report must be filed immediately with Parking and Transportation Services, and a new permit must be purchased at a predetermined administrative fee. Recovered permits must also be reported immediately. Do not use a recovered permit without first notifying Parking and Transportation.  Use of a lost or stolen permit may result in a fine, tow (at owner/operator expense), and/or disciplinary action.

What if I plan to graduate in December? 
Special Fall-only commuter and resident permits are available.

What if I drive a motorcycle, motorbike, or moped to campus?
Special motorcycle permits are available. Parking is allowed only in areas designated for motorcycle parking.

What if I no longer require a permit?
Parking permits may be returned, and a refund may be issued on a prorated daily basis.  However, no refunds will be issued unless the permit is physically returned to the Parking and Transportation Services department. 

My office is located in Gables One Tower and I occasionally drive to the main campus. In which zone will I be able to park?
Gables One permits holders in either the Upper or Lower sections may park up to two hours in all zones, except for resident students (blue) zones.