Below are the activities the University of Miami wants you to be aware of BEFORE an emergency occurs! These activities are designed to improve response capabilities and ensure a safe and secure community for students, faculty, staff, and visitors.


Though some people feel it is impossible to be prepared for unexpected emergencies, the truth is that taking preparedness actions helps people deal with disasters much more effectively when they do occur. GET READY by familiarizing yourself with the resources below.


Planning includes developing effective response plans, policies, and procedures.


By training personnel on the plans, and exercising the plans, the University can provide effective response to any disaster or emergency incident.

    • Camp Directors are responsible for understanding their roles in an emergency impacting the University of Miami and are required to complete an online emergency preparedness orientation on an annual basis. Camp Directors are also responsible for ensuring all of their paid and volunteer staff working at a University of Miami facility are familiar with the University’s emergency plans and procedures. All emergency information can be accessed from the University’s Emergency Preparedness website at Camp Directors and their staff should also confirm that the University of Miami Office of Emergency Management has their correct contact information to receive all Emergency Notification Network alerts by emailing or calling 305-284-8005.
      Follow the steps below to access the required online emergency preparedness orientation:
      1. Type into an Internet-connected web browser.
      2. In the middle-center of the screen, select "LOGIN WITH CANE ID".
      3. Login with CaneID: "student.oem" (without quotation marks) and password "Go#1Canes!" (without quotation marks and case sensitive).
      4. In the middle-center of the screen, in the My Available Course Sites window, select "OEM Training".
      5. In the bottom-center of the screen, select the course link "/Assigments/Summer Visitor Emergency Preparedness Training for Gables Campus".
      6. In the middle-center of the screen, select "Summer Visitor Emergency Preparedness Training for Gables Campus".
      7. Begin the training module.
      8. Click the “next page” button at the bottom left of the page to advance through the training until the quiz at the end.


The University of Miami constantly works to reduce the potential impacts of disasters and ensure the safety and security of students, faculty, and staff while protecting property and facilities from possible damage or destruction.


Life Threatening Emergency (All Campuses) 911
Emergency Information Hotline (All Campuses) 1-800-227-0354
University Police Department (Gables Campus) 305-284-6666
Department of Security (Medical Campus) 305-243-6000
Campus Safety (Marine Campus) 305-421-4766 or 305-710-7991
Report Suspicious Activity (State-Wide) 1-855-352-7233

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