Recovery involves steps taken to return to normal operations after a disaster or emergency incident. Some areas and Units of the University may have transitioned to recovery while others are still in the response phase. The transition to recovery should not be delayed because other areas have not completed response operations, except in the case where the same resource(s) is needed by Units that are still in response and those transitioning to recovery. In this case, response requirements precede those of units in recovery.


After a major emergency incident, students, faculty, and staff will be instructed to to check-in with the University by calling the Emergency Information Hotline at 1-800-227-0354. The Recover Miami website at will also be redirected to an outside service provider with additional ways to check-in if telecommunication infrastructure is unavailable or overwhelmed. Family members of students, faculty, and staff should also use the hotline and Recover website to get or provide information about their loved ones.

The Emergency Information Hotline and the Recover website ARE NOT an emergency assistance tools. Information is collected to assist in broad recovery efforts and is not intended to substitute for direct communication with family, colleagues, supervisors, or emergency organizations. All individuals must call 911 for emergency assistance, and must contact their supervisor or professor for specific information about interruptions to normal campus operations.


UReady is an online planning tool ( used to develop and store Unit Continuity Plans. The UReady site has a section of user tools to make the planning process as easy as possible. All Units are required to develop a UReady plan. Plans must be updated annually within the UReady System by the first of every December. UReady plans will be used to help the University recover from the ground up.


Life Threatening Emergency (All Campuses) 911
Emergency Information Hotline (All Campuses) 1-800-227-0354
University Police Department (Gables Campus) 305-284-6666
Department of Security (Medical Campus) 305-243-6000
Campus Safety (Marine Campus) 305-421-4766 or 305-710-7991
Report Suspicious Activity (State-Wide) 1-855-352-7233

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