What is the ENN?
The University of Miami Emergency Notification Network (ENN) is a comprehensive communications solution that allows the University to quickly disseminate an urgent message through multiple communication mediums including:

• SMS Text Messages to Cell Phones
• Voice Messages to Cell Phones
• Email
• Emergency Information Hotline 1-800-227-0354
• UM Website Banners: www.miami.edu
• UM Emergency Preparedness Webpage: www.miami.edu/prepare
• UMiami Mobile App: www.miami.edu/mobile
• Facebook: www.facebook.com/UMiamiENN
• Twitter: @UMiamiENN
• RSS Feed: http://www.getrave.com/rss/miami/channel1
• Campus Cable TV (Gables & Medical Campuses Only)
• Outdoor Warning Sirens (Gables Campus Only)
• Public Address (Gables Campus Bldgs. & Outdoor Areas Only)
• Digital Signage (Select Gables Campus Buildings Only)
WVUM The Voice 90.5 FM
• Local News
• Newspaper

Who are ENN messages sent to?
ENN messages are sent to every single member of the University community who has his/ her personal contact information registered on CaneLink (Students) or myUM (Employees). Those individuals who do not have his/ her personal contact information registered on CaneLink or myUM will not receive ENN voice or text messages on his/ her cell phone, and may not receive ENN emails if their contact information is out of date.

How do I make sure I receive ENN messages? Instructions on how to register or update your information for ENN can be found below.
ENN Step-by-Step Registration Guide for Students via CaneLink.
Workday Tip Sheet for Employees to Update Their Contact Information.

What might an ENN Message say?
In an actual emergency, here is a sample initial message you may receive via text message, voice message, or email:

UMiami ENN: ARMED INTRUDER ON GABLES CAMPUS. Seek a secure location now if you are on campus. Avoid area if off campus. www.miami.edu/prepare or 1-800-227-0354

What should I do if I receive an ENN message? Do what the message tells you to do! If the message tells you to “find a secure/safe location or avoid the area” do just that. The two most likely actions to find a secure/safe location are to Evacuate or Shelter-In-Place. Consult the UM Emergency Guide for more information.

The primary purpose for Evacuating is to put distance between you and the hazard. Depending on the type of emergency, evacuation procedures may vary.

The term Shelter-In-Place is used to refer to situations where it is safest to remain indoors rather than face uncertainty outside. Depending on the emergency, appropriate areas to shelter may vary. When sheltering in place, seek safety by placing barriers between you and the danger. This could include walls, rooms without windows, locked doors, furniture, etc.

Can parents register to receive ENN messages? Only students, faculty and staff with active CaneLink and myUM accounts are entered into the ENN system's primary notification methods (text, voice calling, and email). Allowing parents or the general public to register could potentially slow the overall speed at which the system sends messages. Parents are encouraged to Like UMiamiENN on Facebook or Follow UMiamiENN on Twitter. Parents can also use Twitter’s “Fast Follow” feature to receive ENN text message alerts without signing up for a Twitter account. Simply text “follow @UMiamiENN” to 40404.

What should I do if I am having difficulties registering my contact information for ENN?
If you are having difficulties registering, or updating any contact information on CaneLink or MyUM, or are having any questions/problems with the ENN, please do the following. First go through the appropriate ENN Step-by-Step Registration Guide to assure that all your contact information is up to date.

ENN Step-by-Step Registration Guide for Students via CaneLink.
Workday Tip Sheet for Employees to Update Their Contact Information.

After doing so, if you are still experiencing difficulties, please email telecomhelpdesk@miami.edu the following information:

1. Your first and last name
2. Your University C-number
3. Your contact telephone number where you can be reached regularly
4. Your cell phone number where you expect to receive the emergency calls/text messages
5. What the specific problem is, if you can describe it


Life Threatening Emergency (All Campuses) 911
Emergency Information Hotline (All Campuses) 1-800-227-0354
University Police Department (Gables Campus) 305-284-6666
Department of Security (Medical Campus) 305-243-6000
Campus Safety (Marine Campus) 305-421-4766 or 305-710-7991
Report Suspicious Activity (State-Wide) 1-855-352-7233

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