The recent history of tragic events at several educational institutions has made the University of Miami mindful of the importance of timely and effective communications to students, faculty and staff during a time of crisis. The University of Miami Emergency Notification Network (ENN) is the comprehensive communications solution that allows the University to quickly disseminate an urgent message through multiple communication mediums. If there is a condition which significantly threatens the health and safety of persons on campus or impacts normal campus operations, university officials will warn the campus community using one or more of the following methods:

During • SMS Text Messages to Cell Phones
• Voice Messages to Cell Phones
• Email
• Emergency Information Hotline 1-800-227-0354
• UM Website Banners:
• UM Emergency Preparedness Webpage:
• UMiami Mobile App:
• Facebook:
• Twitter: @UMiamiENN
• RSS Feed:
• Campus Cable TV (Gables & Medical Campuses Only)
• Outdoor Warning Sirens (Gables Campus Only)
• Public Address (Gables Campus Bldgs. & Outdoor Areas Only)
• Digital Signage (Select Gables Campus Buildings Only)
WVUM The Voice 90.5 FM
• Local News
• Newspaper

It is important to note that no one communication system is capable of reaching everyone, everywhere, every time. Each method has its strengths, weaknesses, and limitations. As a result, the ENN utilizes multiple delivery methods to ensure a greater coverage of intended recipients, and redundancy in the event of failures, which many communication systems are prone.

UMiami ENN Prepared Alerts

Armed Intruder

Weather Emergency

Dangerous Situation

All Clear


Life Threatening Emergency (All Campuses) 911
Emergency Information Hotline (All Campuses) 1-800-227-0354
University Police Department (Gables Campus) 305-284-6666
Department of Security (Medical Campus) 305-243-6000
Campus Safety (Marine Campus) 305-421-4766 or 305-710-7991
Report Suspicious Activity (State-Wide) 1-855-352-7233

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