TERM START - All accepted students enrolling for the current semester are elegible for scholarships potentially worth 25% (or more) off tuition. Contact an Enrollment Advisor at 888.994.5942 for more information.

In addition to the term start scholarship available to incoming students, other opportunities may also be available for qualified students:

Merit-Based Scholarship - Based on GPA, minimum post-bachelor degree work requirements, and/or high GMAT/GRE scores.
Military Scholarship - Active duty U.S military and veterans may also qualify for additional scholarship opportunities.
UM Alumni Scholarship - Students which successfully completed their undergraduate or graduate degree at the University of Miami may also qualify for additional scholarship opportunities.
UM Employee Scholarship - University of Miami employees are elegible for an additional scholarship in addition to those available to all students. There may be tax consequences that you should discuss with a tax advisor.

Financial Aid

There are several options for financing your education. Please see below for the most common options. If you are planning on using federal loans, it is recommended that you complete your FAFSA application as soon as possible. The application only takes around 30 minutes. For financial aid deadlines, see our Admissions page.

Federal Direct Unsubsidized Loans Federal Direct Graduate Plus Loans Private Loans
Funded By the Government Funded By the Government Privately Funded
Credit requirement: N/A Credit requirement: good credit history or no credit history (no delinquent accounts or bankruptcy) Credit requirement: most lenders require a particular credit score to be approved without a co-borrower
Annual maximum: $20,500 Annual maximum: cost of attendance minus other student aid Annual maximum: cost of attendance minus other student aid
Grace period: 6 months Grace period: not automatic, but can contact lender to request 6 month grace period Grace period: normally 6–9 months, depending on loan
Repayment period: 10–25 years (options available) Repayment period: 10–25 years (options available) Repayment period: typically 10-20 years standard
How to apply: How to apply: How to apply:
Lenders of choice’s website

Military Benefits

As a military friendly school, we are proud to provide military scholarships, and participate in the Yellow Ribbon program. To learn more about military educational benefits available to service members (National Guard and Reserve included), veterans and their dependents click here or speak with one of our military enrollment advisors at 800-411-2290.

* Estimated monthly totals listed are for Fall and Spring semesters where tuition cost is split into 4 payments. For Summer semesters, monthly payments will be higher as cost is split into 3 payments.

** Tuition is subject to increase each Fall semester.