The mission of User Support Services is to provide technical assistance to support, enrich and empower the university community, assisting it to achieve excellence in instruction, research, clinical care, operations and reputation.

The Goals of User Support Services are:

  • Provide focused, timely and relevant support in the effective use of current and emerging technologies
  • Provide effective communication that keeps the right people informed with the right information at the right time
  • Promote the efficient and cost-effective procurement, management and distribution of technology
  • Secure end-user technologies to make them safe for use while not unnecessarily limiting their usability
  • Promote a culture of collaboration that results in people and teams working effectively with an ever widening group of people
  • Expose users to empowering technologies
  • Commit to an ever-improving understanding of user needs, a willingness to be properly influenced by these needs, and an active effort to change to meet these needs

IT Enterprise Support Services (ITES)
SharePoint Management, Desktop Support, Media & Graphics, Web Support & Documentation, SWAT
IT Student Support Services (ITSSS)
CaneNet Connection, Computer Labs
IT Support Center (ITSC)
Customer Support Center
Technology Product Center (TPC)
Computer Hardware & Software Sales, IT Licensing & Contracts
IT Training (ITT)
Internal & External Training, EUTOG