What is the cloud?

Essentially, cloud computing is about moving computing tasks off your computer and off UM's premises.

Video: Cloud Computing in Plain English (3 minutes)

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Cloud Computing First Look: lynda.com. (Login with your CaneID credentials)

What are cloud services?

Cloud services are easy to recognize. They...

  • aren't installed on your computer--you usually connect to them via a web browser.
  • keep your data with the service--not on your computer--so you don't have to worry about backing it up, losing it, or moving it when you switch computers.
  • are accessible from any device with a web browser--laptops, smartphones, tablets--so you can reach the service when you are mobile.

Why do users like cloud services?

We like easy access, not having to worry about our data and the mobility they offer; this positive "customer experience" is one reason UMIT is committed to the cloud. Plus, most of us already use publicly available cloud services like GMail, Facebook and YouTube, and we expect UMIT to provide tools that deliver a similar experience.

How can I be a successful consumer of cloud services?

Cloud services can benefit UM as an institution as well as each student, faculty and staff member who is just looking for the right tool to get his or her work done. Please enjoy UMIT's cloud services and use them safely, thoughtfully and responsibly by following UMIT's Policies & Procedures.