What is SecureSend?
How do I log in to SecureSend?
How do I send a file using SecureSend?
How do I request a file from a user?
What operating systems are supported?
Is there any protection against viruses or other infected files?
Is my uploaded data secure on the Secure Send Appliance?
Can I send files from my mobile device?
Who do I contact for assistance sending or receiving a file?
How are files secured when delivered from sender to recipient?
What is the Accellion Outlook Plug-in?
How is secure transport of attachments achieved when using the Outlook Plug-in?
Do administrators have access to the files?
Is SecureSend FIPS 140-2 Certified?
Is SecureSend HIPAA/SOX/PCI compliant?
Is there a cost to use the SecureSend service?
Can I send a file to someone outside the University?
How large a file can I send?
Is there a transfer quota for the SecureSend service?
What is the file retention policy?
Can a non-university entity/ external user utilize the SecureSend service?
Can I send an FTP job using SecureSend?
How long will my file take to upload?
Can I upload more than one file at a time?
Can I delete the file from the system after I send it?
Can I recall a sent file?
Can a received file notification be forwarded to another user?
Can I transfer a file that was already encrypted by another program or application?
If my email link expires, how would I receive the file again?
How do I confirm my files were opened?
Will the sender be notified if the message is forwarded?