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Eligible: Faculty & Staff Availability: 24 Hours, 7 Days Support: 24 Hours, 7 Days from Language Line

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Language Line Services provides accurate and complete first-person interpretation regardless of country of origin or level of education of your client. You will take the lead and provide the subject matter expertise regarding your business or organization; the interpreter relays the information back and forth to your limited English client in their language.

Language Line Services works with industry experts to provide their interpreters with specialized training on medical, court, insurance and financial terminology, among others. In addition, their interpreters are required to be familiar with police and 9-1-1 procedures. Also available are Apple iPhone App with on-demand access to Live interpreters in 10 languages, video interpreter service and document translation.

For language line translation services, there is a $200 set up fee and a $50 minimum per month. Rates vary according to language. For additional information, contact IT Marketing Manager, Mimi Pambrun at 305-284-6876.