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Eligible: Students, Faculty & Staff Availability: During Classroom Hours Support: UM: blackboardhelp@miami.edu, (205) 284-3949, 9 a.m.-9 p.m., Monday-Sunday; or i>clicker: support@iclicker.com, (866) 209-5698, 9 a.m.-9 p.m., Monday-Friday

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i>clicker is presentation software/hardware which allows instructors to create questions and poll their students for answers.

What attracts faculty and administrators to i>clicker is its ease-of-use. Instructors don’t need to master complex new software or program their questions into a separate software application. Instead, i>clicker works seamlessly with all applications, allowing instructors to prepare their questions in the software they use anyway (such as PowerPoint, Keynote or Adobe). i>clicker’s floating menu bar allows an instructor to poll from any application, at any point during a presentation.

No costs are charged for this service.

Get It Here
Students: Available for purchase at the bookstore.
Faculty: Contact the Learning Platforms Team at (305) 284-3949 or blackboardhelp@miami.edu; Download software for UM from: https://lpt.it.miami.edu/iclicker-student-response-system/. For equipment (receiver and faculty clicker), please contact: Classroom Support at (305) 284-3263 or classroomsupport@miami.edu.




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