1. Accounts & Security

      /EE/images/uploads/it/categoryphotos/Accounts-and-Security_wide.jpg Connect to the network, activate your CaneID, reset your password, obtain account information and access. Central Authentication Service - End Users, , Central Authentication Service - Dept. Admins.
    2. Administrative Applications

      /EE/images/uploads/it/categoryphotos/Business-Applications_Wide.jpg Applications to access enterprise systems, business tools to increase functionality and productivity. Administrative Systems - Mainframe, Departmental Human Resources System, Ariba
    3. Customer Service & Support

      /EE/images/uploads/it/categoryphotos/Customer-Service-and-Support_wide.jpg Obtain support, answers to your questions, request services, and get help with all your IT issues. Computer Support - Students, Computer Support - Faculty & Staff, Information Technology Training
    4. Email & Collaboration

      /EE/images/uploads/it/categoryphotos/Email-Collaboration-Service_wide.jpg Learn email features, share documents and ideas, build your community. Office 365 Enterprise Email, Office 365 Outlook on the Web, Enterprise Email
    5. Hardware

      /EE/images/uploads/it/categoryphotos/Hardware_wide.jpg Obtain guidance on your hardware purchases, ensure you have the right fit to optimize your responsibilities. Server Hosting & Management, Virtual Private Network - Telecommuter, Computer Support - Faculty & Staff
    6. Hosting

      /EE/images/uploads/it/categoryphotos/Hosting-Service_wide.jpg Access our network, get your files backed up, host your web site or server. Server Hosting & Management, Directory Services , Web Hosting
    7. Network & Voice

      /EE/images/uploads/it/categoryphotos/Network-Voice_wide.jpg View our product offerings for phones, connecting to the network and video conferencing. Wireless Networks, SecureCanes, WirelessCanes
    8. Products

      /EE/images/uploads/it/categoryphotos/Products_wide.jpg Looking to buy something? Need help selecting product? Browse our offerings. Microsoft Office Suite, Adobe Acrobat Professional, Ariba
    9. Software

      /EE/images/uploads/it/categoryphotos/Software-Services.jpg Obtain software to run your computer. Adobe Acrobat Professional, Box, Microsoft Office Suite
    10. Third Party Applications

      /EE/images/uploads/it/categoryphotos/Business-Applications_Wide.jpg Partner with IT for management of third party software applications. Survey Tools, CS Gold, OvationTix
    11. Training

      /EE/images/uploads/it/categoryphotos/Training-Services.jpg Learn how to use your software and become more productive. Information Technology Training, eLearning - lynda.com, eLearning - Skillport
    12. Web

      /EE/images/uploads/it/categoryphotos/Web-Services-Image.jpg Need a website built? Update your current website, learn what is available to promote your organization and services. Content Management System - EE, Web Support, Online Directory System