Security Strategy Documents

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POL-UMIT-EDQ-001-03 - Electronic Data Quality Policy for Clinical Research
E-signature Certification Information for Investigators
POL-UMIT-ITP-002-01 - Policy on IT Policies
POL-UMIT-PUR-017-02 - Purchasing Computerized Systems/Software Applications for Clinical Research
POL-UMIT-A125-003-01 - IT Security Audit Policy
POL-UMIT-A130-004-01 - Access Control User Account Managment
POL-UMIT-A131-005-04 - Password Security Policy
POL-UMIT-A135-006-01 - Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan
POL-UMIT-A145-008-01 - Change and Incident Management Policy
POL-UMIT-A150-009-02 - Hardware Repurposing and Decommissioning Policy
POL-UMIT-A050-023-01 - System Administrator Policy
POL-UMIT-A155-010-01 - Information Security Policy
POL-UMIT-A160-011-01 - Security Incident Response Notification Policy
POL-UMIT-A165-012-01 - Security Incident Response Procedures Policy
POL-UMIT-A170-013-01 - Malicious Software Prevention Policy
POL-UMIT-A175-014-01 - Electronic Data Protection and Encryption Policy
POL-UMIT-A180-015-01 - Mobile Computing Policy
POL-UMIT-A190-016-01 - Remote Access Policy
POL-UMIT-A046-022-01 - Use of University Computing Facilities
E071 - Payment Card processing & security policy

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

SOP-UMIT-GEN-100-02 - Procedural Documentation Requirements
SOP-UMIT-VAL-101-02 - Computer System Validation Package Management
SOP-UMIT-VAL-102-01 - Formal Testing Practices
SOP-UMIT-CHNG-105-01 - Change Management
SOP-UMIT-NTCFG-106-01 - Network Device Configuration and Deployment Process
SOP-UMIT-DCBAS-113-01 - Data Center Burglar Alarm System
SOP-UMIT-CANID-126-01 - CaneID Creation
SOP-UMIT-EMAIL-127-01 - Email Alias and Mailbox Ownership
SOP-UMIT-SMP-128-01 - Access Review Procedure for Data Center and Allied Facilities
SOP-UMIT-NSCN-129-01 - Network Vulnerability Scans and Penetration Testing
SOP-UMIT-DTRAN-130-01 - Data Transfer Guidelines
SOP-UMIT-SNC-131-01 - Server Naming Convention
SOP-UMIT-ASLM-132-01 - Application Logging and Monitoring Procedure
SOP-UMIT-UAPR-133-01 - User Account Permissions Review
SOP-UMIT-MSOSP-134-01 - : Patching Microsoft Windows Server Operating Systems
SOP-UMIT-COMMS-135-01 - UMIT Communications
SOP-UMIT-MSWP-137-01 - Patching Managed Microsoft Windows Workstations
SOP-UMIT-UNXP-138-01 - Patching Unix Server Operating Systems

Standard Work Procedures (SWPs)

SWP-UMIT-APFNSD-201-01 - Approval Process for Non=Supported Devices