Information Technology Project Management Office

The IT PMO team focuses on defining and developing IT program/project management best practices, processes, and policy to ensure alignment with IT strategy and goals.

This includes the structure and practices by which we plan, accept, evaluate, and prioritize requests for change and enhancement; as well as the tools and procedures to ensure these changes and enhancements are performed optimally.  The IT PMO also collaborates across the organization to coordinate planning, management and execution of multiple projects directed toward the same strategic goal.  This collaboration may be with project managers from within IT or from the business units involved in the specific project, as well as other functional areas as needed.

In order to assist in collaborative efforts, the IT PMO relies heavily on relationship management.  Actively participating in relationship management, enables the IT PMO to understand the business, assist in the prioritization of projects, and ensure that projects align with the technology that best provides maximum return on investment.

We look forward to building a partnership that enables IT to concentrate its resources on value-add projects that truly align to the most important needs and objectives of its constituents.