Cisco Call Manager Upgrade 4 to 7

February 16, 2012 —

See our YouTube video.

If you have a Cisco VoIP phone, watch for some new, improved features that will automatically appear on your telephone display.

We will be upgrading the software on the Cisco system. Changes will be implemented over the next few months. New blue soft keys will appear on your telephone display. These new features are described below.

iDivert sends your call to its designated coverage path when activated. If you press iDivert while your phone is ringing, it will automatically send the call to voice mail.

Do Not Disturb will allow incoming calls but will silence your phone. If other phones share your extension, they will continue to ring.

To Activate:
Press the DND button (your phone will say: Do Not Disturb is active)

To Cancel:
Press the DND button

Call Back allows you to receive call back notification on your VoIP phone when a called line becomes available. The called phone must also be VoIP.

To Activate:
Press Call Back while listening to the busy tone or ring sound. Hang up. Your phone alerts you when the line is free. Press Dial to place the call again.

Upgrades will take place after hours. The telephones will be re-booted for the change to take effect. For further information visit or contact the IT Support Center at 305-284-6565, Option 2.

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Cisco VoIP Telephone

Cisco VoIP Telephone