A University-wide consolidation of Coral Gables and Medical Active Directories has begun. Active Directory is a Microsoft product that manages user accounts and computers. This system is used for a variety of tasks, from resetting your password to making sure that your network drives are connected when you log in to your PC. This consolidation includes the migration of MEDICAL email boxes and computer accounts to the Coral Gables system.

Important Documents
  • Apple Mac Users Configuration
  • Remote Users Configuration
  • SharePoint 2007 Troubleshooting PDF | Video

When will you find out when your account is moving? About 1 week before your account is scheduled to move, you'll get a notice by email. You will also receive a few reminders.

Will you have to use a different username and password when logging into your workstation? No, you will still enter the same username and password. After your workstation is migrated, confirm that you are logging into the correct domain, CGCENT. See Post-Migration Steps.

Do you have to learn a new email or calendar system? No. Almost everyone will be able to continue accessing their UM email and calendar the same way they do right now.

Those medical users that rely on Outlook Web Apps (OWA) for email access will now use the following URL: https://umail.miami.edu

Will I lose any of my emails, archives and/or backups? No, in the transition your emails, archives and backups will still be available.

Do you have to do anything to your computer or mobile phone to get ready? For the most part, no. If you have previously logged into the CGCENT (Coral Gables) domain on your workstation, you may need to delete your CGCENT user profile. To determine if you have a CGCENT profile on your workstation, please follow Pre-Migration Steps.