Academic Technologies is focused on the teaching and learning side of IT. This group works closely with faculty and students on projects related to teaching and learning.

The Academic Technologies unit is responsible for functions such as computer labs, classrooms, lecture capture, student technology support, instructional design, learning platforms, and exploring and developing technologies that enhance online and technology-enriched courses. For more information, visit:

Learning Innovation & Faculty Engagement
This group works with faculty to enrich courses through the appropriate use of technology and pedagogical techniques. This involves the improvement of on-campus courses, experiments with flipped classroom models of instruction, and the creation of online courses to reach new audiences. For more information, contact:
Learning Platforms
The Learning Platforms team manages and supports a variety of online technologies that faculty use to teach courses. The primary tool is Blackboard Learn, which is used by 62% of all courses at UM. They also support the use of Blackboard Collaborate, a videoconferencing tool that can be used for a variety of academic and administrative purposes. In addition, they support a variety of tools that support student feedback, instructional video, educational uses of social media, and plagiarism detection.
Medical Education
The Medical Education team assists with the educational mission of medical faculty and their students. This includes the design and support of classroom AV systems, lecture recording and editing, the administration of the Panopto lecture capture system, the setup and support of streaming media and videoconferencing sessions, the administration of systems to track medical education outcomes, and the support of systems to manage student-student and faculty-student communication.
Student Support Services
The Student Support Services team has several responsibilities. They run multiple computer labs, including those in the residential colleges, the School of Architecture, as well as the Richter, Weeks, Calder, and Law libraries. They also run the Student Technology Help Desk, which provides a wide range of IT support for students, including the installation of software, connection to the university network, assistance with virus removal, computer repairs, and new student orientation events. In addition, they manage UPrint, the student printing system.