Workday is a new generation enterprise application that truly works the way people work. Workday has a modern, intuitive interface that users adopt readily. Many Universities are adopting Workday because of its ease of use, the flexibility the system provides, low cost of ownership, focus on providing functionality unique to Higher Education, and the collaborative nature of the new functionality design process.

Time Off Feature in Workday
          Personal Information in Workday

By replacing aging computer systems that are becoming more costly and increasingly difficult to support, Workday HR will enable UM to improve the way it administers and delivers key human resource and payroll services, enhance data visibility, and facilitate strategic decision-making. Many paper-driven, labor-intensive business processes will be streamlined and automated, making it easier and faster to submit and track changes. Workday HR will provide robust real time reporting capabilities and eliminate many paper forms, making work faster, more transparent, and more accurate.

Universities that are using Workday or planning Workday implementations include:

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