Workday HR Communications Tool Kit #1 will enable you to communicate with your teams, colleagues, and peers about the Workday HR implementation. In order to increase awareness about the project, this first tool kit focuses on providing high-level, introductory information about Workday HR, including:

Workday Key Messages
This document will assist you in facilitating conversations with your colleagues, peers, and staff, as it provides key talking points and messaging about the overall project scope. As the project progresses, the team will provide detailed information and updates, and will host events and engagement opportunities for UM faculty and staff to learn more about Workday HR.

Workday FAQs
This document addresses some common questions and answers pertaining to the Workday HR implementation. As more information becomes available, subsequent FAQs will be published. If you have ideas or suggestions for FAQs not included in this document, please contact the Workday team at:

Workday PowerPoint Presentation Deck
This presentation provides an overview of the Workday project and can be utilized as you see fit. You are welcome to use the presentation as is, or use individual slides as part of other presentations.

Workday Awareness Collateral
The ads in this series focus on the key benefits of Workday. You are encouraged to print and post these materials in your offices, buildings, break rooms, bulletin boards, etc. or distribute them electronically.
As the project progresses, additional Communications Tool Kits will be made available. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Workday team at: