Advisory Board

  1. Gilbert Arias

    Assistant Vice President, Student Affairs

  2. Roni Avissar

    Dean, Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science

  3. Richard Ballard

    Hospital Administrator, UMHC/Sylvester

  4. Leonidas Bachas

    Dean, College of Arts and Sciences

  5. Lazara Barreras-Pagan

    Chief Nursing/Operations Officer, UMHC/Sylvester

  6. David Birnbach

    Vice Provost, Faculty Affairs

  7. Brian Blake

    Vice Provost, Academic Affairs and Dean, Graduate School

  8. Rosalie Blunden

    Assistant Vice President, Research Support Operations

  9. James Bond

    Associate Dean, Finance and Budget School of Law

  10. R. Stephen Cantrell

    Professor, Mathematics, College of Arts and Sciences

  11. Barbara Cole

    Associate Vice President, Research Administration

  12. Tony Etzel

    Vice Chair, Otolaryngology Department

  13. Anthony Garand

    Director, Satellite Practice

  14. Michael Gittelman

    Hospital Administrator, ABLEH/BPEI

  15. Keith Gran

    Asst. VP and COO, UHealth Clinical Practice Management

  16. Blanca Malagon

    Director, Internal Audit

  17. Veronica Maristany

    Director, Human Resources, UMIT

  18. Julie Rowell

    Executive Director, Payer Administration and Credentialing

  19. Ruth Rubi

    Director, Business Operations, Real Estate & Facilities

  20. Enery Samlut

    Director, Health System Access

  21. Tonya Sautier

    Executive Director, Business Operations, School of Communications

  22. Todd Smaka

    Assistant Professor, Anesthesiology

  23. Berta Souto

    Assistant Chair, Basic Sciences

  24. Jennifer Strawley

    Sr. Associate Athletic Director, Athletics Administration

  25. Bill Tallman

    Director, Faculty Affairs

  26. Rafic Warwar

    Vice Chair, Surgery Dept

  27. David Zambrana

    Chief Executive Officer, UMH (Interim)

  28. Enrique Zamudio

    Compensation Analyst