Individuals have multiple avenues for making their complaint known to the University through the Workplace Equity and Performance Office, Sexual Harassment Counselors, Human Resources, and at the college/school or division level. Not every department has a designated counselor; therefore, individuals may contact any counselor of their choosing regardless of location.

Sexual harassment counselors act as an information resource, promoting and maintaining a work environment and educational setting free of sexual harassment. They provide counseling and assistance in documenting, referring and advising complainants in consultation with Workplace Equity and Performance. The counselors are specially trained staff and faculty who have knowledge in sexual harassment laws, University of Miami policies and sexual harassment complaint resolutions. The counselors are available to consult with or provide information to any member of the University community. The primary responsibilities of the counselors are:

  • Being sensitive and supportive to any employee or student who reports sexual harassment.
  • Informing the complainant how the University’s informal and formal grievance processes work and the complainant’s right to pursue the formal process at any time without fear of retaliation.
  • Providing copies of the University’s Sexual Harassment policy to the complainant.
  • Assuring the complainant that all complaints of sexual harassment, whether they are filed informally or formally, shall be processed in a manner to protect the confidentiality of all parties involved provided it does not interfere with the University’s ability to investigate and take corrective action.
  • To listen attentively, be objective and avoid judgments and/or statements on the degree of the seriousness of the complaint, the allegation, the complainant, or the accused.
  • To notate the counseling session with the complainant and retain all information confidentially.
  • Taking all sexual harassment complaints seriously and advising Workplace Equity and Performance immediately of all complaints that have come to their attention.
  • Serving as a liaison between the unit and Workplace Equity and Performance.

2014-2015 Counselor List

Coral Gables Campus  |  Miller School of Medicine  |  Rosenstiel Marine Campus

Employees and students are not limited to the sexual harassment counselor in their department; they may see any counselor they choose.